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Funding Your Education

There are many types and ways to fund your education in the United States.  You will find several options below.  Click each of them to learn more.

The priority deadline to apply for any financial assistance is March 31.  Awards are typically dispersed in the fall (August) of the following year.

Scholarships & Grants

A scholarship or grant is a gift that do not need to be repaid.  Each award has a variety of requirements.  All UNC students are eligible to apply for these. 

Types of Scholarships and Grants

  • UNC Scholarships: complete the online application to be considered for all UNC Scholarships and Grants.  Be sure to search for “international” scholarships as well.
  •  CIE Scholarships
  • Other


Assistantships are a way to work for UNC.  In return your tuition and fees may be reduced.  You may also be eligible to receive a stipend.

Types of Assistantships

  • Graduate Assistants
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Research Assistants


International students are eligible for employment both on and off campus.  Students are limited in the hours and type of employment and special permission is always required to work on campus.


A loan is money that is borrowed and must be repaid.  Loans have interest which can vary depending on the type.  Most loans require and American to co-sign.  Loans may be available to all students.