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International Exchange Students

One of the great things about studying at UNC is that we allow students to choose any course across our curriculum to study.  As long as you meet the pre-requisites for the course, you are permitted to register for it.  So, if you are still deciding what academic field to pursue, why not study a little bit of everything while at UNC to get a sense of what you are and are not interested in.

Application Deadlines

The application dates for the exchange program are as follows:

Fall Term

  • Priority Deadline: March 10th
  • Final Deadline: March 31st

Spring Term

  • Priority Deadline: October 1st
  • Final Deadline: October 31st

Exchange Nomination

If your home school has an official exchange agreement with UNC, you can apply through your home university to be nominated as an exchange student. You will need to be in contact with you international office at your home school and apply to be nominated for study at UNC. Once nominated, you will need to complete the application process. Nomination deadlines are March 1 for the fall semester and September 15 for the spring semester.

Application Process

After you have been nominated, please follow these instructions to complete the application process for International Exchange Students

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Submit your Course Request Form, Academic Transcripts, and current class schedule
  3. Submit your Immunization record

Once everything have been received, your application will be processed.  This can take about 1 week.  You will be notified through email that your application is complete.  Send all questions about this process to international.advising@unco.edu.

Study Abroad

If your home university does not have an official exchange agreement with UNC, or if you are looking to study abroad just after completing your secondary schooling, you should apply to study at UNC as a study abroad student.  Study abroad students pay nonresident tuition and fees to UNC to enroll in courses.  These fees change annually.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying to be a study abroad student at UNC, please complete the application. Completed applications and all supporting documentation should be e-mailed to cie@unco.edu as one PDF.

Begin Study Abroad Application