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Book Club FAQs

Over the course of the semester we will keep updating this page with all of the most frequently asked questions about our book club! Have a question? Email us at cwge@unco.edu with your questions, comments, or concerns.

  • When is the next book club?

    Our next book club will meet in spring 2023! Follow us on social media for updates on our next read and meeting times.

  • What book are you reading?

    Check back for updates on our spring 2023 read! Have any suggestions for intersectional books that relate to feminism? Email it to us at cwge@unco.edu

  • What is a book club meeting like?

    Book club meetings are typically an hour long and are hybrid! We have participants that join over Zoom and in person at Scott Willcoxon Hall. In our meetings, we start off by checking in with each other, and then we discuss the chapters we have read and how the content relates to intersections of identity and feminism. It is not required to attend every meeting in order to be in the club, and participants can join at any point in the semester. For further questions email cwge@unco.edu

  • How can I join?

    Book club meetings are hybrid, participants can join the club in person or virtually! Email cwge@unco.edu with your interest/questions!

  • How can I attend book club virtually?

    A zoom link will be updated here when the spring ‘23 book club is set.

  • Do I need a book for the first meeting?

    No! For the first meeting we will be discussing how many chapters we want to read in between meetings, times to meet, and other logistical items. 

  • How often is the book club meeting?

    Over the semester we will be meeting every two weeks. Join us in conversation and catch up by checking out our blogs at Inside UNC!

  • Can I stay involved in between meetings?

    There are various ways to stay connected and involved in between gatherings:

    • follow us and interact with us on social media 
    • read our blog posts
    • check our website frequently
    • meet with us virtually or email us

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at cwge@unco.edu.