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I Need Feminism Because...

This campaign links pressing women’s and gender issues, and other forms of social inequity, to feminism and feminist history. Women’s ability to vote, access education and own property are a result of feminism, and remind us of all that is still left to accomplish.

Why do you need feminism?  #UNCOFeminism

  • Feminist Crafting

    Join us as we engage the UNC community in another segment of Feminist Crafting: Crafting with Resistance! We will be carving out space for self-care while creating a DIY project as we examine feminism through an intersectional lens and identifying ways we can advocate for gender equity.

    On Thursday, October 8th from 11 am - 12:30 pm we will be celebrating UNC's Homecoming Week by creating string art of the UNC letters and/or the UNC Bear and discussing ways that we can "smash" the patriarchy! After attending this event, students will be able to engage in conversations about how persons can be excluded from/treated differently in certain spaces/settings (ie. hardware stores), how gender norms play a role in our society, and the impact it creates.

    Need crafting supplies? For access to crafting supplies, please email cwge@unco.edu.

  • Student Consciousness Raising

    Join us as we build community by engaging issues and topics surrounding feminism, women's & gender issues, inequity and more. 

    Over the course of the semester, we will be listening to various episodes of Kimberlé Crenshaw's Intersectionality Matters. We will be using our Student Consciousness Raising times to discuss, process, and make connections found within our own identities and communities.

    Join us Thursday, September 3rd from 11 am - 12 pm, as we hold a smaller version of our I Need Feminism Because (INFB)... Student Consciousness Raisings for an initial introduction into what Student Consciousness Raisings are, why we do them, and what they have to do with feminism, especially in our current political climate.

Because Lactating Looks Like This...

Lactating looks many different ways, and all are perfect and beautiful. Whether someone is breastfeeding, chestfeeding, exclusively pumping for their own child, or donating their milk, this campaign celebrates all narratives associated with being a lactating body! Join us in normalizing and celebrating these stories, and creating an inclusive environment where all lactating bodies feel safe and comfortable to express milk on our campus.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at cwge@unco.edu.