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Center for Women's and Gender Equity

Annual Recognition Reception

Inspiring Women's Awards

To be inspired is to feel moved, motivated and influenced in a way that speaks to one’s own unique spirit, truths, goals, and commitments. The Inspiring Women’s Awards is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate women students, staff, and faculty who have inspired others around them. To be inspirational cannot be defined in one simple way. There are endless ways in which we are inspired and inspire others within our campus community. This award allows us to honor women at UNC who make a difference every day in the lives of others by being who they are and doing what they do. 

We are no longer accepting nominations. Nominees and nominators will recieve an email notification soon!

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Outstanding Mentor Award

A mentor is someone who provides guidance, support, encouragement, opportunity and offers space for growth and self-discovery. The Outstanding Mentor Award is an opportunity to recognize individuals at UNC who go above and beyond to mentor women students at UNC. These individuals not only contribute to the success of students with whom they work, they foster an environment in which women have an opportunity to use their voices and see their potential at UNC and beyond.

We are no longer accepting nominations. Nominees and nominators will recieve an email notification soon!

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25th Anniversary Celebration 

This year the Center for Women's and Gender Equity (formerly named Women's Resource Center) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. We are grateful to reach back into history to pay homage to the phenomenal women who have paved this path. We are excited to reflect on the present and honor the work that continues to be done, the struggles we have encountered, and the success we have accomplished. We are optimistic as we look to the future and embrace others along this path with us, continuing the movement towards gender justice and feminism, in our campus, in our communities, and in our world.

This year, we are inviting alumnae back to campus to help us celebrate BIG! We will be hosting our Annual Recognition Reception along with our 25th Anniversary Celebration together in March, Women's History Month. We hope you join in by nominating an Inspiring Woman here on campus as well as an Outstanding Mentor that helps empower women on our campus!