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Past Conferences

2010-2011 Conference

  • March 23rd
  • Our first conference was during Women's History Month
  • Performance of "Portraits of Courage: American Women Having It All"  

2011-2012 Conference

  • November 16th
  • Theme: "Walking in her shoes: Interventions in Health, Safety and Wellness"
  • Performance by Salt Lines  

2012 -2013 Conference

  • November 14th
  • Theme: "How Far Have We Come.....Really?": A look into women's oppression and the pursuit for justice"
  • Performance and Keynote by That Takes Ovaries  

2013-2014 Conference

  • November 14th
  • Theme: "Feminism is for Everybody": Join a movement to end sexist oppression
  • Keynote speakers: Sarah Alcid and Carlos Andres Gomez 

2014-2015 Conference

  • October 30th
  • Theme: "Our Intersections."
  • Keynote Speaker: Sandra Kim
  • Capstone Speaker: Chris Linder 

2015-2016 Conference

  • October 29th
  • Theme: "What wave are we in?: Today's Feminist Activism"
  • Keynote Speaker: B. Cole
  • Capstone Speaker: Cafe Cultura
    • Ara Cruz
    • Sunny Red Bear  

2016-2017 Conference

  • October 27th
  • Theme: "The Personal is Political: 96 Years of Women's Right to Vote"
  • Keynote Speaker: Josette Souza
  • Capstone Speaker: Kimberly Ming 

2017-2018 Conference

  • November 7th
  • The name of the conference changed from the Women's Conference to the Annual Conference on Gender Justice and Feminism
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Consuela Ward
  • Capstone Speaker: Dr. Cori Wong