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Cross Cultural Programs

At UNC, we are committed to inviting our students to learn and grow in their global citizenship through cross-cultural programs! Our goal is to provide opportunities for cultural exchange and experiential learning to prepare our students to be successful in culturally and academically diverse settings.   

Cultural Program Requirement

UNC cross-cultural programs are aimed at building a community of trust and cultural awareness and are open to all UNC international and domestic students in all academic programs.  Participation in the cross-cultural activities also fulfills the cultural program requirement for J1 visa holders. 


Benefits of cross-cultural program participation include:

  • Cultural diversity and global competencies
  • Confidence building
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Interpersonal and listening skills development
  • Professional development and career readiness

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University Center 
2101 10th Ave
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Phone: +1-970-351-2396
International Emergencies: +1-970-576-9572


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UNC Global - Education Abroad

UNC Global - ISSS 

Students participating in the International Ambassador program at UNC

International Ambassador Program

The International Ambassador Program creates a mutual learning opportunity between Americans and international students. Ambassadors help international students adjust to living in the United States through support and friendship that begins before international students arrive on campus.

We are currently revamping our program. Please check back in the Summer of 2020 to apply for Fall 2020 pairings. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email emili.pickenpaugh@unco.edu.

Mini golf course in Greeley - a perfect activity for friendship families

Friendship Family Program

The Friendship Family Program is for International students at UNC and local families who want to develop international friendships and further their cross-cultural awareness.

Friendship families do not provide living accommodations. Instead, families get together with student for different activities such as dinners, movies, sporting events, sightseeing etc. 

Get a Friendship Family

English Conversation Group

English Conversation Groups

English conversation groups are opportunities to practice english in a variety of topics. Specifically vocabulary building and speaking confidence are emphasized. 

Meeting Information

  • Every Monday and Tuesday
  • September 9-November 19
  • 2:30-3:30pm
  • Zachariah Dining Room tables in the University Center