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Hosting Department Information

Academic departments and our office work with scholars from around the world who are interested in coming to the US. Before coming to the US, Scholars must be nominated by an Academic Department at UNC. 

There are various types of scholars: 

  • International Faculty who would like to teach courses or engage in research or professional development
  • International Graduate Students who would like to engage in research or dissertation work and will not enroll in course work
  • Visitors that need university wide access and services
  • Visitors that will receive payment of any type

Scholars and Academic Departments are expected to complete the Hosting Department Agreement together, which can be provided to the Center for International Education for review. 

Regulations governing Exchange Visitors are established by the US Department of State.

Considering a B visa or the Visa Waiver program?

Entering the U.S. in B-1 (or the WB waiver category equivalent) or B-2 (or WT waiver equivalent to B-2) status does not permit employment of any kind, but certain honorarium payments and reimbursements for reasonable and incidental expenses are allowed, if:

  • The visitor is performing an academic activity for the benefit of UNC
  • The activity or activities being compensated are performed within 9 days
  • The individual has not accepted honorarium payment or reimbursement for qualifying activities from more than five institutions in the previous 6-month period.

Its worth noting if the honorarium is offered and arrangements are being made in advance, the visitor intending to use the Visa Waiver Program must seek the Business classification.  There‚Äôs also a 30% withholding required on honorarium payments (unless the visitor claims a tax treaty benefit, which requires having an SSN or ITIN in the US, or applying for one while here).

Payments for independent contractors go through Accounts Payable.