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Upcoming Events

Join us in learning more about ourselves and our communities, recognizing similarities and unique aspects of cultures, and making life-long friendships through meaningful experiences like trips to Denver and Boulder and around the beautiful state of Colorado, international movie nights and potlucks, cultural fairs, and visits to rodeos, sporting events and shopping.

Our list of activities for the semester is always evolving and has something special for everyone. View UNC Calendar

This summer we will be visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens, Greeley Stampede and Boulder Farmer's Market & Planetarium!

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Check out fun events around Greeley on the UNC Greeley Community Calendar

 CIE is now taking applications for our International Ambassador's Program! 

The program pairs international and domestic students with similar interests to build cross-cultural friendship and connections! 

Apply at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfw-NU0BVX2AkrzKyYPCKDNWjJ7CgTrlGfbwhpMvZrU3IaxfQ/viewform