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Assessment Toolbox

Purpose of Assessment at UNC

UNC faculty, staff, and administrators collect assessment data to understand what and how students learn. They use assessment results to improve teaching and learning by modifying course instruction, program curriculum, and program activities. UNC faculty, staff, and administrators also conduct assessment to respond to institutional accreditation recommendations and to align with program accreditation requirements. However, the primary purpose for continuous, deliberate, and meaningful assessment efforts at UNC is to improve teaching and learning. 

UNC's Guiding Principles for Assessment

The Guiding Principles for the Assessment of Student Learning  can be applied to the assessment of student learning at the course, program, department, college, and institutional levels in institutional, academic, co-curricular, and student support units.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

UNC's institutional learning outcomes articulate qualities that all college-educated people should possess as well as the unique characteristics that define graduates of the University of Northern Colorado.

Assessment as Research

When UNC units think that their assessment work may be useful for an audience outside of UNC then that assessment work must be reviewed and approved by the UNC Institutional Review Board. For more information review the Assessment as Research FAQ.

Course Assessment Toolbox

Course assessment is the assessment conducted throughout a semester in one specific course. Assessing at the course level let's instructors know if students are mastering the course concepts and can apply that learning.

The Course Assessment Toolbox provides tools and resources for planning and conducting course assessment.

Visit the Course Assessment Toolbox

Program Assessment Toolbox

Program assessment is the summative assessment of student learning at the end of a four-year degree program. Assessing at the program level let's faculty know if students are mastering the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the program to be successful after graduation. 

The Program Assessment Toolbox provides tools and resources for planning and conducting assessment.

Visit the Program Assessment Toolbox