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Peer 2 Peer

Learning Community

Members of the Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Learning Community will engage in monthly peer observations of pedagogical activities such as a teaching observation, assignment review, or class material review. Members will meet with their peer partner each month and check-in with the facilitator monthly. The rubrics used to provide peer feedback are based on the content in How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Strategies for Smart Teaching. During the academic year participants will:

  • Work with a colleague to conduct peer observation of course materials including
    curriculum and assessments
  • Work with a colleague to conduct peer observation of teaching
  • Reflect on their teaching practice and make improvements
  • Develop an action plan for the next academic year

The P2P LC is open to those who completed the How Learning Works LC in a
previous cohort. Space is limited and participants are selected on a first come basis.


 Participants will: 
• Participate in curriculum and teaching peer review
• Check-in monthly with their peer partner
• Attend check-in meetings with the facilitator
• Participate in ongoing program evaluation

2021-2022 Cohort
Facilitator: Dr. Molly Jameson, Psychological Sciences