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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

Spring 2021 Teaching Guides

UNC courses for spring 2021 will be delivered using one of three models - Fully Online, Mixed Face-to-Face, and In-Person.  CETL and IDD have prepared these teaching guides for each delivery model to help instructors think through these decisions. The guides provide a step-by-step process specific to the delivery model. Links provided throughout the documents allow instructors to explore their decisions and resources further.

Access the Fully Online Course Teaching Guide
Access the Mixed Face-to-Face Course Teaching Guide
Access the In-Person Teaching Guide

Preparing for Spring 2021 Success

  • Attend the new series Teaching Through the Pandemic: Professional Development in 6 Hours or Less

This series will help you prepare for another semester teaching through the pandemic. We will discuss tips for supporting yourself, strategies for supporting students, and ways to build community with and among students while socially distanced and online. Hands-on clinics offer real-time opportunities to think through course design decisions and learn tools for effective online teaching.

Review Session Details and RSVP

  • Learn about Student Experiences in Fall 2020

On October 7, 2020 CETL hosted a student panel where four students shared their experiences learning during COVID. Their experiences may help you prepare courses for spring semester. 

Watch the recorded panel session

Review the teaching tips based on the session

  • Communicate Early with Students

Students cannot get access to a full Canvas course before the start of the semester. However, you can make the course available for students in a read-only version before the start of classes. Providing a read-only view for students means you can communicate with them early about how the course is organized, giving them time to prepare. 

Instructions for creating a read-only view

  • Use the Online Classroom Templates from IDD

IDD has created Canvas templates that instructors can use to create an easy-to-navigate experience for students. 

  • Prepare for a Shift to Fully Remote Delivery

State and federal guidelines around COVID-19 are constantly changing. Be prepared for a quick shift to fully remote teaching regardless of your course delivery model. For instructors teaching in-person, the In-Person Teaching Guide above can help you plan a remote contingency.