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About the UNC Center for Urban Education

Serving Future Educators and Urban Schools

The Center for Urban Education (CUE) serves students of all ages and ethnicities in the Denver area interested in becoming either an early childhood, elementary, or special educator. Students come from throughout the Denver metropolitan area. All CUE students are focusing on teacher preparation and naturally share their experiences and knowledge in classes and in cohort groups with mentors.

The Center for Urban Education has strong partnerships with Denver metro area schools and districts due to our apprenticeship model. These partnerships help to foster stronger teacher candidates that are better able to serve the needs of the community. Students learn at a greater depth through the combination of attending classes and engaging in daily practical experiences.

A Unique Learning Experience

At the Center for Urban Education, practical and theoretical learning are combined. Our students are immersed in real-life school classroom settings throughout their time in the program—from their very first day until they complete the student teaching experience.

As a UNC Center for Urban Education student, you will earn a diploma from the University of Northern Colorado (the state-designated teacher preparation school for Colorado) and also gain more teaching experience than other beginning teachers. With these experiences, our graduates routinely report that the transition to full-time classroom teacher involves no surprises. They have seen much, done much and are ready to tackle the most demanding teaching challenges.

Other benefits of the CUE experience include...

  • Class sizes at the center are smaller, allowing for greater relationships between students and their peers and professors.
  • We plan upcoming course offerings specifically to fit the needs of our current groups of students.
  • Learn more about the coursework and apprenticeships for our programs on the Our Programs page.

About "Urban Education"

The word “urban” connotes to us one thing: diversity. Center for Urban Education teacher candidates know they will encounter every variety of educational need and have exposure to a wide range of students. Apprentices serve in an array of school settings and our courses are geared to prepare future teachers for any classroom environment. Their experiences are varied enough so that whatever school they eventually teach in—urban, suburban, rural, public or private—they will have had exposure to the kinds of challenges any teacher will face.