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Mentor Teachers

Dear mentor teachers: The School of Teacher Education sincerely appreciates your willingness to take part in preparation of the next generation of teachers. UNC places high expectations on its teacher candidates to be supportive, helpful, collaborative and punctual to aid in the mentor teacher’s classroom environment and school.

Mentor teacher qualifications are:

  • Valid Colorado license in the area of teacher candidate OR submit evidence of demonstrated successful teaching and knowledge of specific content using this qualification verification form.
  • For student teaching or comparable final field experience: At least three (3) years of full time professional teaching experience in the area of teacher candidate or four (4) years for non-licensed teachers. All other mentorship, such as practicum, requires 2 years of teaching experience.
  • Building principal or District approval; recognition as a master teacher or educational professional.

Cooperating teacher expectations vary across the programs; please check with program coordinators. Common expectations:

  • Meet with UNC faculty supervisor at the beginning or before the field experience.
  • Provide mentorship to teacher candidates, observe their teaching and provide constructive, detailed feedback.
  • Submit required evaluation forms and other documentation (see appropriate handbooks).

All UNC Mentor Teachers may choose to receive ether graduate credit for supervising teacher candidates OR a stipend payment. 

*Note that this credit cannot be used toward a degree program.  It is credit that will appear on an official transcript and is typically used by Mentor Teachers to make a move up on their district pay scale.*

This is a two-step process! 

Step one, application for UNC Non-Degree seeking student status, must be completed by the appropriate deadline below.  Please use these instructions to complete step one

Upon completion of step one, you will receive an email with step two instructions and additional deadlines.  If you do not complete step one by the deadlines listed below you will automatically receive paperwork to process the stipend payment at the end of the semester.


Non-Degree Student enrollment deadlines:

Spring semester hosting, Add Deadline is March 20th
Fall semester hosting, Add Deadline is October 20th

In addition to either the graduate credit or the stipend payment, mentor teachers may request a verification form used for licensure renewal credit with the State.  Contact Lynette Kerrigan, lynette.kerrigan@unco.edu to request this form.