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PostBac K-12


With a graduate-level teaching degree and licensure from UNC, you'll be a highly-valued teacher candidate—UNC is the premier teacher preparation university in Colorado. You'll make difference in the lives of children, and establish a career in a field that is always in demand.

Since its founding as the State Normal School in 1889, the University of Northern Colorado has earned a reputation for educating highly-qualified secondary-school teachers. In keeping step with the needs of an ever-changing society, UNC’s commitment to teacher education has evolved over the years, becoming increasingly diverse and inclusive. The Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Program represents diversification of UNC’s traditional mission of teacher preparation by including graduate-level teacher candidates within its purview for initial licensure. To acquire knowledge of curriculum, subject-matter content, and the pedagogical skills and dispositions needed to maximize student learning, teacher candidates are immersed in a balanced combination of coursework and field-based experiences.

Program Description

The K-12 Post Baccalaureate program is fast-paced, rigorous and is designed for those who are confident in their decision to work with K-12 students. Teacher candidates enter the program having completed a bachelor’s degree in the area in which they wish to teach.

Summer Courses are offered online. Fall courses are offered online and at the Greeley Campus.

Candidates in the K-12 Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Program may apply 12 credits of their program (EDF 500, EDSE 509, EDRD 523, and PSY 500) to the 30 credit MAT in Curriculum Studies Program. Leaving them with 18 credits online to complete.  Candidates may also inquire with individual content advisors for other Master's Degrees in specific content areas (however, the 12 credits are not applicable).

K-12 Licensure

This program is for individuals seeking teacher licensure who have already completed a baccalaureate degree in Music or Physical Education.


Program Requirements

The program consists of two major areas: Content Preparation and the PTEP Core.

Candidates in this program may apply up to 12 credits toward the MAT: Curriculum Studies Program. Candidates can also apply to a masters' degree program in their content area. Separate applications are required for the MAT option or the content masters degree option.

Content Preparation

Each content area has specific course requirements. Music and PE have additional course requirements. Prior to application, candidates may submit their transcripts for review by the content area faculty to determine any provisional coursework required for the program. Please email Jon Shaw for more information.