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Jennifer Ritchotte, Ph.D.

Jennifer Ritchotte, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Gifted Education
School of Special Education

Contact Information

McKee 44B


Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest

Publications/Creative Works

Ritchotte, J. A., & Graefe, A. (in review). An alternate path: The experience of high-potential individuals who left school. Submitted to Gifted Child Quarterly.

Ritchotte, J. A., Suhr, D, Alfurayh, N., & Graefe, A. (2016). An exploration of the psychosocial characteristics of high achieving students and identified gifted students: Implications for practice. Journal of Advanced Academics, 27, 23-38.

 Ritchotte, J. A., Rubenstein, L., & Murry, F. (2015). Reversing the underachievement of gifted middle school students: Lessons from another field. Gifted Child Today, 38, 103-113.

 Ritchotte, J. A. (Winter, 2015). Ungifting the gifted underachiever.  Teaching for High Potential,1, 16-18.

 Matthews, M. S., Ritchotte, J. A., & Jolly, J. (2014). What's wrong with giftedness? Parents'   perceptions of the gifted label. International Studies in Sociology of Education: Special Issue, 24, 372-393.

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Ritchotte, J. A, & Matthews, M. S. (2012, March). Gifted and learning disabled: Advocating for the needs of your 2E child. Parenting for High Potential, 4-7.

Ritchotte, J. A. (2010, June). Reversing gifted underachievement: The intervention that set one student on the path to success. Parenting for High Potential, 21-26.