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Francie R. Murry, Ph.D.

Francie R. Murry, Ph.D.


School of Special Education

Contact Information

McKee 060


Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest

Publications/Creative Works

Murry, F. R. (2015). Teaching teachers the five principles of behavior reinforcement: Changing challenging behaviors in the classroom. Journal of Education and Human Development, 4(4), DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n4a1

Alqahtani, R., & Murry, F. R. (2015). High school Peer Buddy Program: Impact on social and academic achievement for students with disabilities. European Journal of Educational Sciences, 2(1), 52-57.

Murry, F.R., & Alqahtani, R. (2015). Teaching special education law in Saudi Arabia: Improving pre-service teacher education and services to students with disabilities. World Journal of Education, 5(6), 57-64. DOI: 10.5430/wje.v5n6p57

Murry, F. R. & Allen, M.T. (2012). Positive behavioral impact of reptile-assisted support on the internalizing and externalizing behaviors of female children with emotional disturbance. Anthrozoos, 25(4), 415-425.