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Robi Kronberg, Ph.D.

Coordinator at the Center for Urban Education, Denver Campus

Special Education Program
Center for Urban Education

Contact Information

Mailing Address
Center for Urban Education
University of Northern Colorado
1059 Alton Way, Bldg. #758
Denver, CO 80230


Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest

Publications/Creative Works

Johnstone, C., & Kronberg, R. (2015). Access to Learning Environments II – Universal Designs for Learning. In A Rights-Based Approach to Inclusive Education Webinar Series. New York: United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF.

Kronberg, R. (2013). Utilizing differentiated instruction for english language learners with disabilities. IMPACT, 25 (1), 12-13. Institute on Community Integration and College of Education, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Kronberg, R. Reaching and teaching diverse learners through differentiated instruction.
In Giangreco, M. (2006). Quick guides to inclusion 3: Ideas for educating students with disabilities. Paul Brookes Publishing Co.

York-Barr, J. & Kronberg, R. (2002). From isolation to collaboration: Learning from effective partnerships between general and special education: In W. Sailor (Ed.) Whole school success and inclusive education: Building partnerships for learning, achievement, and
accountability (pp. 163-181). New York: Teachers College Press.

Honors and Awards

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