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Withdrawing a Course Assignment

You may wish to withdraw an assignment to revise it or to correct mistakes, especially if the instructor for a course asks you to re-submit the assignment. When you withdraw an assignment, you are un-submitting or taking back what you last sent to your instructor for that assignment. You can then resubmit your assignment, using the previously described steps.

You can only withdraw a submitted assignment when the following are true: (a) the course instructor has setup the assignment to allow withdrawal of your last submission; (b) the assignment due date has not yet passed; or (c) the instructor has not yet begun his/her assessment of your work. To withdraw a course assignment:

  1. Click on the corresponding VIEW ASSIGNMENT button
  2. Click on the WITHDRAW SUBMISSION button, which is located under Assignment Submission.
  3. In the confirmation dialog that appears, click the OK button to proceed
  4. If the submission has successfully been withdrawn the following message will be displayed: "You have withdrawn your submission. The submission is no longer available for assessment."

error If an assignment is "Awaiting Assessment" then you may not submit any additional documents or work.