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What's Next?

As you proceed through your program, you will want to keep monitoring your performance across all completed courses, as assessed by the rubrics designed for the LiveText artifacts. At the end of your program, you will need to show a high level of proficiency across all courses on these artifacts, as assessed by the rubrics, in order to readily pass your master's degree comprehensive examination.

The rubric scores are final within each course; they cannot be changed once a course semester has closed. This means it is important for you to do as well as you can when completing LiveText artifacts within their respective courses. If it turns out that you do poorly on some of these, you may have to complete additional products at the time of your comprehensive examination, to give evidence of proficiency. On the other hand, if you do well on all or most of your LiveText course artifacts, the comprehensive examination process at the end of the program will go smoothly for you.

More information about the comprehensive examination process and how artifacts are used can be found on the Comprehensive Exam Information/LiveText Review webpage. Comprehensive Exam Information will also inform you as to what projects in each course will be used in LiveText, how they will be used in the comprehensive examination process, and what additional artifacts are required when you do your comprehensive examination.