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Account Access and Uploading

Access, Locate, Review Rubric and Upload

Instructions for Accessing your account, going to a course, reviewing rubric criteria and uploading a designated assignment:

  1. Log into your student LiveText account.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see your dashboard, which displays your active courses and assignments
  3. Locate the appropriate course and assignment on your Dashboard. If the assignment is "Not Submitted" then you may submit work to the assignment.

    error If you are having difficulty locating the appropriate assignment, you may wish to filter your assignment listing by term and/or course. These dropdown boxes are located toward the upper right of your posted assignments

  4. Once you have located the assignment, click on the corresponding BEGIN ASSIGNMENT button.
  5. Review the assignment rubric, and any other assignment information posted by the instructor. (Other information will have been provided to you in class and in the syllabus.)
  6. Under the Assignment Submission area, notice the Attachment List section. You can upload .doc, .pdf, PowerPoint, wav4, but other document types may not work.
  7. Click on the ATTACH button to open the Attach Resources to Assignment window.
  8. Click the UPLOAD button to begin uploading files from your device. Then click the button which is located beneath the text "Browse your computer to upload."

    error This button may appear as a CHOOSE FILE button or a BROWSE button depending on the web browser being used. In the pop up window which appears, double click the icon of a file from your device's local storage. Repeat step 8 as needed to select more external files.

  9. Click the ATTACH button to attach all selected items to the assignment
  10. Any uploaded files or LiveText documents you have attached to this assignment for submission will appear under Assignment Submission across from Attachment List. If you would like to remove an item you have attached, click the item's corresponding X icon.
  11. In the Comment box, enter an optional comment, which the instructor of the course can view after the assignment has been submitted.
  12. Click the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button to submit the attached files to this assignment. If the assignment has been successfully submitted, then the assignment status will change to "Awaiting Assessment" and the following message will be displayed: Congratulations! Your assignment has been submitted to your instructor.

Reviewing a Graded Rubric

Steps for accessing Your Livetext account, going to a particular course, and reviewing the graded rubric:

  1. Log into your student LiveText account.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see your dashboard, which displays your active courses and assignments
  3. Locate the assignment on your dashboard that you wish to review. Published assessments will be located towards the bottom of the dashboard. If the assignment displays the text "Assessment Published" then it has been assessed by the instructor.
  4. Click on the corresponding VIEW ASSESSMENT button
  5. If the assessor has provided a Grade for the assignment, it will be listed toward the upper left side of the page.
  6. Review the Assignment Details area. This area contains a table which reports information regarding your submission. Click on the link under the rubrics column to view the completed rubric for your work.

Withdraw a Course Assignment

Need to withdraw a course assignment? View withdraw assignment instructions.