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B.A. Early Childhood

Program Courses and Sequence

The ECSE Undergraduate Program consists of 123 credit hours of courses and student teaching practicum. If you wish to see an example of the courses over the full four-year period, download the Example Four-year Plan here. You may note from this plan that students only enter into the "ECSE Blocks A & B" courses in the two semesters immediately prior to taking their student teaching practicum. In other words, typically, you will complete early childhood special education courses in the last two years of your program.


When you are an early childhood special education major, you will need to meet with an advisor in the School of Special Education, and together you will complete an individually tailored Special Education Advising Sheet

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Grade Point Average

As you progress through the program, you need to maintain an acceptable Grade Point Average (GPA) so that you do not fall behind. Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher by the time 30 semester hours are completed. First semester transfer students’ GPA will be reviewed at the end of the first semester on campus. They must then have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to enter into the Student Teaching Practicum that occurs at the end of the program.

Licensure Exams

ECSE majors must pass a licensure exam prior to being recommended for ECSE licensure from this program. Students must pass the Praxis Early Childhood Special Education Licensure Test.