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Consulting Lab Staff


Gabriel Owusu

Areas of expertise:  Descriptive analysis, one-way ANOVA, two-way ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple regression, logistic regression, t-tests (paired sample and independent samples), power analysis, non- parametric statistics (Kruskal Wallis, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon signed rank test)

Software:  SPSS and R

Contact information:  gabriel.owusu@unco.edu


Matt Koziol

Areas of expertise: Descriptive statistics, linear regression, logistic regression, qualitative research, survey research, research design

Software: SPSS, R, Qualtrics, SAS, NVivo

Contact information:matthew.koziol@unco.edu


Daniel Edi

Areas of expertise: Structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, multiple linear regression, confirmatory factor analysis, non-parametric methods, ANOVA (oneway, factorial, repeated measures), inferential statistics, research design, power analysis, surveys.

Software: R, SAS, SPSS, Mplus

Contact informationedi3310@bears.unco.edu


Aida Popa

Areas of expertise: Multiple linear regression, estimation of model parameters, descriptive data analyses, ANOVA (two-way, one-way, factorial, and repeated measures), and data wrangling.

Software: R and SAS 

Contact information: popa2471@bears.unco.edu


Michael Oduro

Areas of expertise: Longitudinal data analysis, missing data analysis, time series analysis, applied regression analysis, categorical data analysis

Software: R, SAS, Winbugs

Contact information: michaelsafo.oduro@unco.edu


John Sylvester

Areas of expertise: Design qualitative research, survey research design (including use of Qualtrics), descriptive statistics, sample size determination, reliability and validity analysis,  basic inferential statistics (t-test, x2, regression analysis), oneway ANOVA, factorial ANOVA, repeated measures ANOVA, multiple regression, and designing mixed methods research.

Software: SPSS

Contact information: sylv8245@bears.unco.edu


Appiah Kubi Felix Junior

Areas of expertise: Descriptive data analysis, sample size determination, data visualization, data imputation for missing values, handling imbalanced data, multiple regression, logistic regression, t-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, correlation, chi-square, nonparametric statistics, and machine learning

Software: R, SPSS, LaTeX    

Contact information: appi5977@bears.unco.edu


Annabel Li

Areas of expertise: Descriptive analysis, inferential statistics, ANOVA, exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis

Software: SPSS

Contact information: li0692@bears.unco.edu


 Theophilus Acquah

Areas of expertise: Descriptive data analysis, data visualization, inferential statistics, exploratory data analysis, multiple regression, logistic regression, t-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, correlation, chi-square, non-parametric methods, categorical data analysis

Software: R, SAS, MINITAB, Python

Contact information:theophilus.acquah@unco.edu


Ariana Borroto 

Areas of expertise: Descriptive and inferential statistics, research design, database navigation, use of Qualtrics, research/academic writing, qualitative methodology 

Software: SPSS

Contact information: borr5869@bears.unco.edu


Shivam Joshi

Areas of expertise: Experimental design, testing of hypotheses, and ANOVA

Software: R and SAS

Contact information: josh4399@bears.unco.edu