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Consultation Agreement

The Research Consulting Lab of the Department of Applied Statistics and Research Methods is committed to providing professional consultation for researchers collecting and analyzing data, preparing manuscripts, and preparing proposals for funding.

Consultations will be conducted either by an individual or by a group of consultants as appropriate for the researcher’s interests. All projects will begin with an initial consultation in which the researcher will explain the research interest to the consultant(s). After the initial meeting, subsequent meetings will be scheduled by the consultant(s) involved. For assistance with research projects, clients should anticipate approximately 2-4 weeks of interaction with consultants, exact duration dependent on the scale of the project. 

Permitted Services

Consultants can provide the following services:

  • Recommendations on the structure of research questions.
  • References and recommendations on the recording of data.
  • Recommendations on data management and data management software.
  • References and recommendations on research design and data collection.
  • References and recommendations on data analysis techniques.
  • Recommendations and “help” documentation on data analysis software.

After meeting with or contacting a consultant, please allow at least one week for the consultant to propose solutions to questions. For questions regarding appropriate design or analysis options, please allow at least two weeks for the consultant to propose solutions. Please be prepared to meet multiple times during the consulting process.

Prohibited Services

Consultants are prohibited from performing certain services:

  • Consultants cannot accept payment.
  • Consultants cannot collect data for the researcher.
  • Consultants cannot perform data analysis for the researcher.
  • Consultants cannot write up results or edit manuscripts.
  • Consultants cannot install, edit, or debug software used by the researcher.