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Academic Advising for Psychological Sciences

The School of Psychological Sciences on-campus Advising Center provides academic advising services to freshman, sophomore, and transfer psychology majors.


To help each student realize, develop, and reach their personal educational goals. The process of academic advising involves more than scheduling and career advice, we help students understand and navigate institutional policies, procedures and more. We also helpsstudents match institutional resources to their own academic plan, allowing students to get the most of their educational experience both inside and outside the classroom.


The advising center is here to help students buiid an academic plan that results in a fulfulling and successful collegiate experience, and prepares them for their future careers. The ultimate goal is not just graduation, but becoming a life-long learner who uses their knowledge of psychology to better themselives and their communities.


  • Assist students in the scheduling and registration processes
  • Challenge students to create short-term and long-term academic plans that emphasize timeliness and efficiency in degree completion and career preparation
  • Assist students in determining which institutional and departmental resources are needed and facilitate connection with these resources
  • Provide information to current and perspective students about careers in psychology and help them understand how our curriculum can help them reach their professional goals
  • Advise advanced students on career development and/or graduate school applications and how to obtain necessary resources outside the university

Contact Your Advisor

Juniors and Seniors

If you are a junior or senior, contact your faculty academic advisor.

Not sure who your advisor is?

You can find that information on Ursa:

  • Login to Ursa
  • Select the "Student" tab
  • In the "Registration Tools" box, select "View Student Information"
  • Choose the current term
  • Your advisor will be listed here