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Submission Requirements

  1. Manuscripts should be no more than 15 pages of narrative (excluding references, tables, and appendices), using the latest APA style (7), and double-spaced on one side of 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper.  Please do not add spaces prior to or following paragraphs.
  2. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically via email attachment containing name, position, place of employment, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and a 2-3 sentence description of background and experience for each author. The title of the article should also appear on page 1 of the manuscript, but do not include the author(s) name(s).
  3. Pages should be numbered consecutively including the bibliography, but the author's name should not appear on the manuscript itself.
  4. Charts or illustrative material will be accepted if space permits. 
  5. Authors are expected to take full responsibility for the accuracy of the content in their articles, including references, quotations, tables, and figures. The editor reserves the right to edit articles accepted for publication.
  6. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication are expected to make a presentation about their article at the next National Field Experience Conference held each spring at the University of Northern Colorado.
  7. There is no remuneration for articles accepted for publication. There is no fee for the review of the manuscript.