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TIP Creativity Lab

The TIP Creativity Lab in the Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy department at UNC supports teachers and students using educational technologies that inspire self-expression and creativity. We investigate how games, virtual and augmented realities and other innovative technologies empower educators and youth to become co-creators of meaningful learning experiences.

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Matthew Farber

Phone: 970-351-1981


TIP Creativity Lab introduces Game Design Studio

Game Design Studio

Game Design Studio (GDS) is a design thinking and social and emotional learning co-design experience that engages teens in self-reflection and systems change using the framework of game design. The goal is to offer opportunities for teens to recognize and apply their strengths while exercising their creativity in designing games and learning new ways to approach problem-solving at systems level.

GDS is a collaboration with iThrive Games Foundation and TIP Creativity Lab. Undergraduate and graduate students studying education and educational technology were trained to facilitate two weeks of game design with and for participants and collect ethnographic data.

Partners and Collaborators


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Research and Publications

Farber, M., Williams, M. K., Mellman, L., & Yu, X. (2020). Systems at Play: Game Design as an Approach for Teen Self-ExpressionJournal of Games, Self & Society. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University: ETC Press. 2(1), 40-84.