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Are you a student interested in taking courses from the Department of American Sign Language & Interpreting Studies, including:

  • ASL-English Interpretation BA degrees
  • Teaching ASL MA degrees
  • ASL Minor
  • ASL for Liberal Arts

It is the goal of the Department to support you toward your academic goals. Interested in Learning More offers you a go-to place for important information and resources associated with the program for which you are interested.

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Application Process

Scroll down to view detailed steps about the application process for the ASL-English Interpretation BA degrees, Teaching ASL MA degrees, and the ASL minor.

  • ASL-English Interpretation BA degrees

    Send an Inquiry

    Homepage: ASL-English Interpretation BA degrees

    STEP 1:  Apply to the University of Northern Colorado

    STEP 2: Once accepted, complete and submit the ASLEI application by April 15th of each year. You can:

    • Bring your form to McKee 114
    • Email your form to Kate Beilmann - Kate.Beilmann@unco.edu  
    • Fax your form to 970-351-1317

    STEP 3: ASL Demonstration of Competency (and Alternate Pathways)

    If you qualify (equivalent to ASL IV fluency), you will be contacted by Kate Beilmann to schedule your ASL Demonstration of Competency. The Demonstration of Competency determines your placement within the ASLEI program. The ASLEI curriculum begins at ASL V which requires you to be conversational in ASL (equivalent to four semesters of instruction in ASL).  

    The Demonstration of Competency is held during the months of February, April, and June.

    Please note:

    • If you are not ready to enter ASL V, you must take the necessary foundational ASL courses (ASL I, II, III, and IV) at UNC or at a college or university of your choice. If you need to add to your foundational ASL proficiency, it will take you longer than four years (12+ semesters) to complete the program.
    • If your ASL competency places you above ASL V and you have transferable courses within the major, you may be able to complete the program in less than four years (fewer than 12 semesters).
    • If you have ASL life experience (i.e. heritage signers or non-credit ASL classes), you may qualify for ASL retro-credit.
    • If you are a working interpreter holding interpreting credentials (RID, ED:K-12, or 4.0+ on the EIPA performance and passed the EIPA written) and have 21 or more Liberal Arts credits to transfer in, typically student enter into the Intro. to Consecutive Interpreting: Skill Development class  which begins in the summer. This entry point may allow you to complete the program in as few as two and a half years (seven semesters).

    STEP 4: Letter of Placement and Intake Interview

    Once feedback is obtained from your ASL Demonstration of Competency, your ASLEI application package will be complete. ASLIS staff members will review the application package and send you a letter notifying you of the placement decision. If your placement is into ASL V or higher, you have the option to move forward with program entry! Obtaining results less than ASL V foundational ASL proficiency is still needed.

    If entering the program, you will be scheduled for an intake interview for initial advising and plan of study:

  • Teaching ASL MA degree

    Send An Inquiry

    Homepage: Teaching ASL MA degree

    STEP 1: Apply to the UNC Graduate School and follow all steps for the application fee and submission of official copies of your transcripts (GRE scores are NOT required for this program).
    On the application, for Academic Program of Interest choose the appropriate option below based on the program you need:

    • Teaching American Sign Language-MA
    • Teaching American Sign Language-MA: Licensure: World Languages (Grades K-12)

    STEP 2: Follow all graduate school application steps for the application fee and submission of official copies of your transcripts (GRE scores are not required for this program).

    STEP 3: You will then click on "Submit Supplemental Items" (or log back in later and choose "Bear App Profile") to submit the following in the online application system once you have completed your graduate school application:

    • Two academic or professional letters of recommendation from supervisors/teachers who can attest to your academic potential and abilities - the system will help you initiate requests to be sent to these individuals.
    • 1-2 page statement of educational goals and philosophy.

    STEP 4: All applicants will be required to demonstrate ASL proficiency prior to acceptance to the TASL program.

    STEP 5: To comply with practicum agency/school requirements, students may be required to submit evidence that a criminal background check has been completed prior to practicum/field-based experiences. 

  • ASL minor

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    Students who have a declared major, can choose to minor in ASL. 

    As an incoming UNC student, a minor can be declared during the admission process.

    As an exisiting UNC student, a minor can be declared by:

    STEP 1: Discuss adding the ASL Minor with your major advisor.

    The ASL Minor was first published in the 2016-2017 Undergraduate catalog. If you began your major under an earlier catalog, adding the ASL Minor will move your major to the newest catalog which may change your major requirements and add time to your plan of study.

    STEP 2: Access and fill out the Undergraduate Major/Minor Change Form.

    • If you are moving from an earlier catalog to the current catalog, make sure to note the change in catalogs on the form.
    • Note your advisor is Dr. Leilani Johnson.

    STEP 3: Submit the completed form to the ASLIS office by:

    Bring your form to McKee 114
    Email your form to Kate Beilmann - Kate.Beilmann@unco.edu
    Fax your form to 970-351-1317