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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

In light of Campus closure regarding COVID-19, employees in the college of Education and Behavioral Sciences are working remotely and faculty are teaching classes virtually in an effort to best support our campus community. We ask for your patience as some services may be limited and response time may increase. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize health and safety. Updates will be published to UNC's COVID-19 information page as the situation develops.

Welcome current TASL students!

This is a resource page for all TASL cohorts to access important documents, updated Program information, student highlights, and summer logistics!

For any additional Program related questions, please visit our TASL F.A.Q. page or contact the programs manager Pauline.Ballentine@unco.edu

tasl student

  • Next Steps

     You are now a graduate student in the TASL program! Congratulations!

    Follow the steps below:

    Activating Student Records

    1. Sign into your account via http://ursa.unco.edu

    2. As a new UNC student, follow the directions on the right side of the page, select "Account Activation."

    3. Note, be sure to remove the pop-up blocker in order to access Ursa.

    The next step is to complete the required online registration registering for your summer courses:

    Online Orientation

    All TASL students must complete the online orientation prior to beginning their first semester.

    1. Registering for orientation will occur via your Ursa account.

    2. You will register for summer term and will be provided the CRN number by your advisor.

    3. There is a $100 fee for the course.

    This online orientation provides students the necessary aspects of the online learning system – Canvas, how to register for summer classes, and meet the rest of your classmates within your cohort.

    Course Registration

    Once your Ursa student account is set up you will be able to register for classes.

    1. Find the necessary information for your classes at the Extended Campus (EC) TASL Current Student website. Select the appropriate semester and locate the Course Registration Number (CRN) needed for registration. Please note your plan of study. Courses must be taken in sequence. Any questions regarding your courses must be addressed to your advisor.

    2. Sign into your Ursa account. Locate the top tab labeled “Student.” Click “Register, Add or Drop” Classes.

    3. Select the registration term.

    4. Input the CRNs at the bottom of the page and click “Accept/Submit”

    5. If needed, you can select “Class Search” and locate TASL in the options. Select “Course Search,” to see the list of classes offered. Only select the courses for which you were advised to register. 

  • Graduate Catalog
  • Course of Study

    The following is the course of study for all TASL students. Please note that classes must be taken in sequence unless otherwise advised by your advisor. 

    Courses marked with ** are only required for those taking the Licensure: World Languages (Grades K-12) program.

    Summer 1

    Online Orientation – 2 weeks in May-early June

    TASL 501 First and Second Language Acquisition in ASL (3)

    TASL 505 Teaching Deaf Community, Culture, and ASL Literature (3)

    EDFE 125 Application for Graduate Licensure Admission to PTEP (0) **

    EDF 500 Conceptions of Schooling (3) **

    Fall 1

    TASL 502 ASL Teaching Methods (3)

    TASL 503 ASL Assessment and Testing (3)

    PSY 500 Educational Psychology for Teachers (3) **

    Spring 1

    SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3)

    TASL 593 Practicum for ASL Teaching I (3)

    EDRD 523 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3) **

    Summer 2

    TASL 504 ASL Curriculum Development and Design (3)

    TASL 506 Contemporary Professional Issues in Teaching ASL (3)

    EDSE 509 Strategies for Students with Exceptionalities (3) **

    Fall 2

    TASL 507 ASL Research Methods (3)

    TASL 594 Practicum for ASL Teaching II (3)

    To monitor your progress, locate grades on your college transcript, and determine if graduation requirements are met, you are encouraged to check Degree Works, located in your Ursa account each semester.

  • Access My Cohort Webpage

     On the Extended Campus website, TASL cohorts can locate the CRN numbers of classes and sample syllabi. Please note the updated final version of the syllabus will be located in the Canvas class.

    TASL Cohort 6

    TASL Cohort 7

    TASL Cohort 8

  •  Guidelines for Written Assignments

     The following guidelines should be followed for all written assignments submitted in your online classes, unless otherwise indicated in the activity or assignment.

    You can help your Instructor and help yourself by paying attention to these guidelines, which make it much easier to review your work.

    Creating your assignment:

    • Create your assignment in a document either in MS Word or Rich Text Format (RTF).  Documents submitted in a format other than this (such as MS Works) will not be graded.
    • All assignments require your name, the date, the course, the assignment number, and the section (if applicable) at the top of your document.
    • Your Instructor’s critique will be uploaded to the gradebook in your Canvas class. 


    Follow these general rules for formatting your paper, unless otherwise indicated in the specific assignment:

  • Need Help?

    I have questions about course content, activities, assignments, problems with your coursework or inability to complete assignments...

    1. Your instructor
    Your instructor should be the first person you contact!

    2. Programs Manager
    In the event that you do not get a timely and satisfactory response from your instructor, you may contact Programs Manager can be contacted at Pauline.Ballentine@unco.edu

    I need to...

    Update contact information

    Locate final grades

    See progress in degree plan

    Register for classes

    Pay bills

    Ursa Online - http://ursa.unco.edu

     I did not receive all course materials

     Contact the UNC Book Store or the vendor from who you purchased materials.

     I cannot login to Canvas or Ursa

     Technical Support Center - 970-351-4357 or help@unco.edu

    UNC Canvas Support Resource site: www.unco.edu/canvas and click on the various links. There are tutorials that will help you learn and understand more about online instruction.