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COVID-19: News and campus updates | University policies and resources

In light of Campus closure regarding COVID-19, employees in the college of Education and Behavioral Sciences are working remotely and faculty are teaching classes virtually in an effort to best support our campus community. We ask for your patience as some services may be limited and response time may increase. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize health and safety. Updates will be published to UNC's COVID-19 information page as the situation develops.

Due to the need for social distancing as a result of the SARS-CoV2 virus, summer courses for the Teaching ASL MA (TASL) and the ASL English Interpreting BA (ASLEI) programs will be offered in an alternative distance format.  Neither students nor faculty will be on campus this summer session.

Please check your bearmail regularly for more information.

ASLEI Summer Logistics 2020

Summer's accelerated hybrid approach consists of two weeks online (June) plus a four week residential summer session in Greeley, Colorado (July). You will take 6-7 credits providing intensive language, knowledge, and/or interpreting preparation. While on campus during the summer semester, you will be in face-to-face classes approximately 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays with daily and weekend assignments.

During the summer session, the Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies brings together the ASLEI program (on campus and online) and the Teaching ASL Masters program to create a learning community of Deaf and hearing students.

Summer semesters are required of all ASLEI students (on campus and online) as summer courses are the foundation to the following fall and spring courses.

Immunization Requirements
The State of Colorado Immunization law (C.R.S. 25-4-901) requires all students to submit proof of immunizations. Students must submit records prior to registering for classes at UNC. Students will not be allowed to register until after they have submitted a completed immunization record. 

Click here to learn more about:

Daily Operational Updates

Immunization Requirements

COVID-19 Information


 Summer Information & Resources

March 9-May 15

Reserve your room in North Hall

Access the registration link here:  North Hall Registration 

This link will become live on March 9th. Registration Code (if prompted): unco-ASLEI2020 

June 3-17

Summer session - Online

These dates are Wednesday to Wednesday.

 June 1

Last day to submit full room payment

 June 20-21

North Hall check-in

North Hall will be open for check-in after noon on Saturday, June 20th. Arrive no later than noon on Sunday, June 21st.

 June 22  8:30 a.m. start

Summer student orientation

Required for all ASLEI students in Harrison Den.

 June 22-July 17

Summer session - On-campus

 July 14-16

INTR 103 - Poster Presentations

Come show support to your classmates! INTR 103 students required to attend all nights. Students from other classes are encouraged to attend in support.

 July 17

Summer session ends!

Classes end at 3pm

 July 17-19

Check out of North Hall

Check out no later than noon on July 19th. Have a safe trip home!

  •  ASLEI  Instructional Information

    The summer session always involves a lot of work condensed into a short period of time.  Each of you will be taking 6-7 credits this summer. Our goal is to limit your time away from your home and family, while still providing you with the academic foundation you need to successfully complete your program. 

    Schedule & Preparation

    Syllabus: Your instructors will send out the course syllabus two weeks prior to the course start date. 

    The final version of the Syllabus will be in your online Canvas classes.  ALWAYS use the version from your Canvas classes as there may have been editing changes from the time they were sent to you  and when they posted in Canvas.

    Once you have accessed the Syllabus, go to the Required Materials page.

    Be sure to bring all your summer instructional materials to campus.

    If you need to order materials, you may do so at your favorite site or use the campus book store: The UNC Book Store.  All items may not be available to order right away so be sure to check back as needed. 

    NOTE:  You may want to allow room in your suitcase or make appropriate arrangements to take additional materials home with you.

    Schedules: Although the start and end dates and times vary according to contact hour requirements, you will essentially be in classes for 6-7 hours a day. 

    Homework: In addition to what appears on the schedule, you will have homework each night that will require your time and attention.  There will also be major assignments that will require weekend work. 

    The following hyperlinks are the class sequences (draft) for summer 2020. Final copies will be updated by June 1st.

    INTR 103-115-210
    INTR 115-211-220
    INTR 315-320-323


    Communication: Everyone is reminded to use American Sign Language in public and common areas. If you have a need to use spoken English, please find a private area.

    Attire: The ASLEI Program wants to foster our recognition as working professionals. Dressing according to the professional status we seek will let those with whom we have contact know how seriously we approach our teaching and learning, as well as how we are preparing for our future work.

    • Business-casual attire is expected in the classroom for both students and staff members.
    • Shorts, jeans, yoga pants, beach sandals/flip-flops, and other such casual wear is not acceptable in classes or scheduled meetings. At the same time, this is a college campus that will require walking from point to point, so be sure to have comfortable walking shoes.
    • Friday Bear-wear: Jeans and UNC attire or colors are permitted on Fridays.
    • Colorado weather can change quickly and classrooms are often cool. Layers are suggested.
    Technical Requirements

    Tips and Technical Requirements for UNC ASLEI Students

    Don't forget: Computer and necessary accessories, such as a power cord, Ethernet cable, webcam, and a means for DVD playback (internal or external DVD player).


    If you are planning to print using UNC printers on campus, North Hall has a printer at the front desk. In addition, printers will be available in the following common labs, but with limited hours:

    You are provided $8.00 per year in your Pharos printing account and can be utilized at any of the UC Computer labs.

    Technical Support:

    UNC Help Desk will also be available for support.

    Faculty & Staff

    Dr. Barbara Garrett

    ASLIS Director & Associate Professor


    Dr. Leilani Johnson

    ASLIS Director Emerita


    Kate Beilmann

    Administrative Coordinator


    INTR 103: ASL VII (3)

    Jenny Gough


     Michelle Heathington


     INTR 115: Portfolio Assessment (1)

     Emily Girardin



     INTR 210: ASL-English Contrastive Analysis (2)

    Jodie Adams-Chevalier


     Michelle Heathington


     INTR 211: Critical Thinking & Analysis Skills (3)

     Jean Parmir


     INTR 220: Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting (3)

     Angela O'Bleness


      INTR 315: Portfolio Assessment (1)

    Emily Girardin 


     INTR 320 & 323: Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting & Lab (5)

     Lauri Krouse


     INTR 415-900 Portfolio Assessment IV (1) 

     Kellie Stewart


     INTR 492-900 Internship for Interpreters (3) 

     Susan Brown


  • Arrival to Greeley, CO

    If you're planning on staying in the residence hall, plan on arriving and settling in to your room on the Greeley campus no later than noon, Sunday, June 21st. Students who are living at sea-level are encouraged to arrive to Colorado early to adjust to the altitude.



    You will fly into Denver International Airport (DIA).

    Greeley is about an hour northeast of the airport.

    You are responsible for your own transportation to get to the UNC Campus (Greeley).

    Greeley Shuttle is an available service from the airport to the UNC Campus (Greeley).

    • Pick up from the airport to Greeley occurs on ODD hours: 7am - 9pm.
    • Pick up from Greeley to the airport occurs on the EVEN hours, 6am - 8pm.

    All transportation services from DIA are located on level-5 outside the east terminal,  out door 505, on island 5,  at the blue sign - "Shared Ride."

    Driving & Parking on Campus

    Driving directions, campus maps, and virtual tours are available if you are driving to summer session. 

    All parking areas on the UNC campus require an official UNC parking permit. Parking is included in the housing package. Your permit will be handed out during housing check-in at North Hall.

    If you are staying off campus, you can pre-order a parking pass for the month or purchase a daily permit from kiosks with rates starting at 30 minutes up to 24 hours.

    Additional information about parking can be accessed online.

    Transportation While in Greeley

    Public transportation is free for students and staff with a valid UNC ID.

    Campus Bike Program: UNC’s Department of Campus Recreation has a free campus bike program. Through this program, you can borrow a bike for free with your student ID for a week at a time.

    In Walking Distance:

    • Classrooms: approx. 1-block from North Hall
    • University Center has a variety of food options, coffee, and services.
    • Grocery Store: King Soopers (local grocery store chain) – 3 blocks from campus
    • Houseware: Big Lots
    • Food: a number of fast food chains, coffee shop, and convenience stores off campus
  • Living Arrangements - UNC North Hall

    The Department has arranged for students and staff to stay in North Hall while in Greeley. You are not required to stay in North Hall, but are responsible for any other off campus living arrangements.

    Choosing to Stay in North Hall

    There is a flat rate for a thirty-day stay in North Hall in summer 2020. The cost is approximately $1,250.01 per person for Saturday, June 20 through Sunday, July 19, 2020. This flat rate is the most economical plan (taxes are excluded). The package includes: 

    • Thirty-day stay
    • Parking pass
    • Free internet access
    • Free laundry facilities
    • Furniture
    • Linens and towels
    • Reduced cost for Rec Center access


    North Hall suites typically have two bedrooms (each with two twin beds), a shared bathroom, and a shared living room area. You will share a suite with one other person. This means you will have your own bedroom, but will share a bathroom and living room area with your suite mate. UNC Conference Services will assign you a suite mate from the ASLEI program unless otherwise noted on your reservation.

    All rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with flashing fire/smoke alarms, and come with your basic furniture.

    North Hall has full kitchens on each wing that are available for everyone on that floor to use. There will be some pans and cooking utensils available in the kitchens, but you will need to provide your own kitchenware (plates, cups, eating utensils, etc.)

    North Hall offers free laundry facilities on each wing. Please bring your own high efficiency laundry soap.

    North Hall is within a block of your classrooms


    Register for North Hall


    Register for Your Room In North Hall

    Registration opens March 9th. Each of you choosing to stay in North Hall will register online to reserve your own room through the UNC Conference Services using the button above. Registration deadline is May 15th.

    New Students: You will need to create a user name and password.

    • After creating a log-in, the registration system will send you an email asking you to confirm your account prior to proceeding.

    Returning students, please use the code: unco-ASLEI2020

     Payment Plan Option: UNC has a payment plan that allows you to make two payments. You will find the details on the registration link. The final payment must be submitted no later than June 1st.

    ASLEI OSEP Scholars, a coupon code will be in the registration form in the link above.  Only OSEP scholars are able to use this code. This code ensures the housing charges are made to the grant and not you directly.

    Indicate a suite mate, if you have a preference. Note: If you have a suite mate preference, the other person must also make the same request on his/her registration.

    Check In: North Hall will be open for check-in after noon on Saturday, June 20th. You should plan to arrive on campus no later than noon, Sunday, June 21st.

    Check Out: Everyone must be checked out no later than noon on Sunday, July 19th.

      • Keep in mind when you are making your departure flight plans that you should arrive to DIA at least two hours prior to your time of departure flight and it takes approximately 1-1.5 hours in traffic to arrive to the airport from Greeley.

    Staying Additional Days: If you would like to arrive earlier or stay later than the contracted dates (June 20 - July 19), you must make other accommodation arrangements. Contact Deena McBain - deena.mcbain@unco.edu.

    What Will I Need?

    North Hall provides you with bed linens, a blanket and pillow, a towel and washcloth, small hand soap, one roll of toilet paper, and a cup.

    An iron and ironing board are available for checkout from the North Hall front desk.

    A vacuum is available for checkout from the North Hall front desk.

    Laundry: You will need high-efficiency laundry soap

    Kitchen: You will need kitchenware (plates, cups, eating utensils, etc.) There is a community kitchen on each floor with a refrigerator, microwave and cook stove.  


        • Hangers are not provided
        • There are overhead lights in the suites, but you may prefer additional table lighting
        • North Hall does not provide televisions in the suites; there are lounge areas on each floor with big screen televisions for floor use.

    Internet: North Hall has wireless internet; however, you need to bring an Ethernet cord as efficient uploads of videos require direct internet access.

        • At check in, North Hall front desk will provide instructions on how to connect to the Internet.
        • UNC IT Help Desk can support any issues during your stay on campus.

    Food: You have the option of using the floor kitchen to prepare meals for yourself or you can purchase meals on an individual basis at Holmes Dining Hall.

    UNC Dining Services

    • Be sure to note summer business hours and dates for the various dining halls and retail locations are open.
    • If you purchase a meal plan, it will be loaded onto your UNC ID card and should be ready when you arrive on campus. There are no refunds, so buy only what you need.
    • Cash prices are available, if you do not wish to purchase a meal plan.

    Mail: If you would like to send packages ahead of time and have them available for pick up at North Hall, please use the following address. If you're sending mail in advance, please do not send packages prior to June 18th.

    This same address can be used for packages or letters during your four-week stay over the summer.

    Conference: ASLEI Program
    2253 11th Avenue
    (Room Number) - North Hall
    Greeley, CO 80631-6903

    If you are staying in North Hall, you may receive mail. Be advised that all summer mail is sent to one UNC conferencing site and from there delivered to the various Residence Halls. This means:

    a) you need the right address on your label (above), and

    b) you should allow a little more time for delivery.

    Be advised: Do not send medication, do not send valuables. The Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies is not responsible for any mail that arrives on the UNC campus. Any questions or concerns related to mail must be addressed with the Turner Hall front desk representative.

    ASL-English Interpretation Program Rules

    No pets are allowed in the ASLEI-reserved North Hall rooms; however, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are allowed in North Hall. You must notify Conference Services at (970) 351-2010 if you plan to bring a service animal.

    Children and other family members are not allowed to stay on the Residence Hall floor(s) that is reserved for ASLEI students.

    Students are not allowed on the North Hall ASLEI staff floor (sixth floor).

    Any damage to your Residence Hall room, furnishings, and other contents is your responsibility (normal wear and tear is not considered “damage” to the room).

    If you do not have homeowner’s insurance, consider purchasing renter’s insurance if your personal property is a concern to you (computer, expensive jewelry, etc.)

    UNC smoking, drug, and alcohol policies are strictly enforced.

    Please read more about UNC student policies.


    Information about North Hall (including floor plans) -

    Registration for Housing Conference Services
    (970) 351-2010

    Dining Services
    (970) 351-2652

    Financial Aid
    (970) 351-4862

    Bursar's Office
    Student Billing
    (970) 351-4862

    (970) 351-4862

    Program Concerns
     Kellie Stewart  Kellie.Stewart@unco.edu

  • UNC Student ID Card

    UNC student photo ID cards are initially free to UNC students.  However, replacement cards are $15.00 and can be requested at the UNC Card Office in the University Center. If you are a new student it is recommended that you create your UNC ID card when registering for your room. That way you will receive your UNC ID card when you check in to North Hall if you follow the steps below. 

    To Create Your UNC ID Card:

    Go to the above registration link and there will be an option for you to submit your ID information. You will then pick up your ID card at the North Hall front desk when you get to Greeley. Or, upon arrival on campus, you can get your student ID card on the second floor of the University Center (M-F, 7:30am - 5pm).

    Critical Reminder: All returning students and staff members need to remember to bring your ID card as it functions for multiple uses during summer, or you will be charged to replace it. 

  • Health and Recreation

    UNC Health Center

    Students and staff using the services of the UNC Health Center will need to provide their UNC Bear Number, Driver's License, and Insurance Card with the policy holder's date of birth.

    Counseling Services

    Campus Recreation Center

    ASLEI students and staff who are staying on campus may purchase a pass to the UNC Recreation Center Facilities, which include an indoor pool and fitness center, for $10 per week (subject to change). Please visit the Campus Recreation Center upon arrival to campus to purchase access.

    ASLEI students and staff who are staying off campus can purchase a daily pass for $5 per visit (subject to change).