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ASL Courses

You can learn American Sign Language to meet your personal and career goals. ASL courses will develop your conversational fluency in ASL and increase your knowledge of Deaf Culture. The on-campus ASL courses offers a traditional learning environment on UNC's campus in Greeley, CO. You will meet face-to-face with other ASL students and faculty on consistent days and times throughout each semester. The online ASL courses offer you ASL III & IV through Extended Campus learning with students across the country and with nationally recognized faculty. 

ASLIS Fall 2020 Course Delivery

 As announced by President Feinstein, the faculty determined how each of the courses in ASLIS offered this fall will be delivered, whether in person, online, or in a hybrid format.

 Hybrid - 50% of the course delivered face to face with half of the students present and 50% online asynchronous. In order to maintain social distancing in classrooms with enough seating, students will be divided into two groups. Each group will then alternate between attending a class session with an instructor and completing online classwork. A detailed schedule will be provided in Canvas.

 Distance/Online with Synchronous Online – ASL and INTR courses with section numbers -001, -002, etc.  These are campus-based courses delivered remotely with live class sessions at the same time the course was scheduled to meet face to face. Students will attend live class sessions with their instructor through Zoom.

 Distance/Online and Distance (Ext Stu) - Traditional Online Asynchronous – ASL, INTR, and TASL courses that have section numbers -900, -901, etc., and -970.  These are traditional online courses that are delivered asynchronously online. Live sessions with faculty are optional and happen occasionally depending on faculty and student agreement.*

 Face to Face – face to face classes meeting each session as is typical of traditional campus-based courses. These will all be held in rooms that have ample seating to maintain social distancing.

 *Note: Fall 2020 is the first time ASL 101 has been offered through Extended Campus online. Faculty have determined that successful teaching of ASL 101 includes synchronous sessions. Therefore, ASL 101-900 and ASL 101-901 will include synchronous sessions. Please reach out to the course instructor, Pauline Ballentine, if you have questions: Pauline.Ballentine@unco.edu

 Connecting with Faculty

All ASLIS faculty will hold office hours. These should be posted in Canvas as well as on the ASLIS website.  Most faculty will hold office hours through Zoom, and some faculty will be available to meet on campus.  In order to maintain social distancing in the ASLIS office, we have been given access to McKee 102 for meeting with students. This allows us to stay 6 feet apart while meeting in a private space.  Please check with your instructors to find out their office hours, the way they plan to meet, and the best way to make an appointment if you need to meet at a time other than their office hours. 

Female student signing in class.

  • Courses

    By completing ASL courses, you will develop your communicative and cultural competence of American Sign Language and the Deaf community.

    ASL Courses:

    • ASL 101: American Sign Language I on-campus or online (beginning fall 2020)
    • ASL 102: American Sign Language II on-campus or online (beginning fall 2020)
    • ASL 201: American Sign Language III on-campus or online
    • ASL 202: American Sign Language IV on-campus or online

    NOTE: ASL I-IV are sequential courses, and thus, each course builds upon the previous course. Therefore, ASL I-IV must be completed in order and not simultaneously with another ASL I-IV course.

    Course Descriptions for ASL Courses

  • Schedule of Courses

    For on-campus ASL check UNC's schedule of classes to find when ASL I-IV are offered.

    For online ASL check Extended Campus.

  • Language of Instruction

    ASL courses (ASL I-VI) are taught by qualified Deaf faculty who use ASL as their primary language.

  • Cost

    On campus tuition rates are different based on in- and out-of-state residency.

    Online tuition rates are available at Extended Campus.

  • Registration Instructions

    In order to register for a course, you will need to locate the Course Reference Number (CRN) from UNC's schedule of classes. Select the correct subject (ASL, INTR, or EDSE) and run the report. Once you have the CRN, complete the appropriate steps below.

    As a UNC Student

    Login to Ursa and register using the CRN.

    As a Non-UNC Student

    STEP 1: Submit the Student Information Form.

    You will receive an email from the Registrar's Office within 24 hours with directions for STEP 2.

    STEP 2: Locate your UNC student ID (Bear) number and activate your UNC student portal (Ursa).

    If you are registering for ASL I, skip step 3.

    STEP 3: Email Sherry Schriver at sherry.schriver@unco.edu the following information:

    1. Your name
    2. Your UNC Bear number
    3. The ASL class (II, III, or IV) you are registering for
    4. Attach your unofficial transcript showing the pre-requisite ASL courses (or fax your transcript).

    If you do not have transcripts, you will need to contact Kate Beilmann at Kate.Beilmann@unco.edu to schedule a ASL Placement Screening.

    Once your information is verified, Sherry will release you to complete STEP 4.

    STEP 4: Login to Ursa and register using the CRN.

Do you have questions?

Send An Inquiry

The ASLIS department has temporarily transitioned to a remote work environment.  Leave a message if calling and it will be forwarded to email. 
Administrative Coordinator, Kate Beilmann
kate.beilmann@unco.edu or 970-351-1075

Male ASL instructor teaching class.