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ASL Minor

You can minor in American Sign Language to compliment your UNC major (with a designed plan of study) and meet your career goals. The minor enhances your fluency in ASL and deepen your knowledge of Deaf Culture.

The on campus ASL Minor offers a traditional learning environment on UNC's campus (Greeley, CO). You will learn face-to-face with students and faculty on consistent days and times throughout each semester.

Male ASL instructor teaching an ASL class.

The online ASL Minor offers a nontraditional learning environment with students and faculty from across the United States. Online courses are structured using an online learning management system with assignments and due dates.

  • Courses

    By completing the ASL Minor, you will develop your communicative and cultural competence of American Sign Language and the Deaf community.

    ASL Minor*:

    • ASL 101: American Sign Language I**
    • ASL 102: American Sign Language II**
    • ASL 201: American Sign Language III
    • ASL 202: American Sign Language IV
    • INTR 101: American Sign Language V
    • INTR 102: American Sign Language VI

    Upper Division Courses (select 2):

    • INTR 312: Intercultural Communication
    • ASL 310: Deaf Culture & Community
    • EDSE 550: Foundations of Deaf Education

    *NOTE: ASL I-VI are sequential courses, and thus, each course builds upon the previous course. Therefore, ASL I-VI must be completed in order and not simultaneously with another ASL I-VI course. The upper division courses can be completed in any order after you have completed ASL IV. You can take an upper division course simultaneously with ASL V and ASL VI.

    Course Descriptions for ASL Minor

    Your placement within the sequential ASL courses depends on your background:

    If you have no prior experience with ASL, you would start at ASL I.

    If you have taken ASL courses at another college or university and the courses are on your transcript(s), you would start at the next level. If these courses are more than one (1) year ago, it is recommended that you take the ASL I-IV screening to make certain that you are placed in an appropriate level ASL course. 

    If you've taken ASL in high school or have life experiences, you would request a screening for placement into the appropriate ASL course from Kate.Beilmann@unco.edu.  This screening has a $25 fee.  

  • Schedule of Courses

    Check UNC's schedule of classes to find when the courses within the ASL Minor are offered.

    When to Register for courses

  • Academic Plan for the ASL Minor

    asl minor

    Note: EDSE 550 is a graduate-level course and requires instructor approval before registering.

  • Language of Instruction

    ASL courses (ASL I-VI) are taught by qualified Deaf faculty who use ASL as their primary language.

    Within the ASL Minor, Deaf Culture & Community (ASL 310) and Intercultural Communication (INTR 312), two of the three upper division courses may be taught in ASL by Deaf faculty. Professional sign language interpreters may be employed to interpret course content into spoken English. Foundations of Deaf Education (the third upper division course) is taught in English and is an online course.

  • Grade Requirement

    You must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in all the courses of the ASL Minor.

  • Cost

    On campus tuition rates are different based on in- and out-of-state residency.

    Online tuition is a flat rate for all online students no matter their state of residency and is set by UNC's Extended Campus prior to the beginning of each new academic year.

  • Declare the Minor
    As an Incoming UNC Student

    You will declare the ASL Minor as part of the admissions process.

    As an Existing UNC Student

    You will add the ASL Minor by completing these steps:

    STEP 1: Discuss adding the ASL Minor with your major advisor.

    The ASL Minor was first published in the 2016-2017 Undergraduate catalog. If you began your major under an earlier catalog, adding the ASL Minor will move your major to the newest catalog which may change your major requirements and add time to your plan of study.

    STEP 2: Access and fill out the Undergraduate Major/Minor Change Form.

    If you are moving from an earlier catalog to the current catalog, make sure to note the change in catalogs on the form.

    STEP 3: Submit the completed form to the ASLIS office.

    • Bring your form to McKee 114
    • Email your form to Kate - kate.beilmann@unco.edu
    • Fax your form to:  970-351-1317
  • Printable FAQ

    All you need to know is found in this webpage. The FAQ can be printed.

Request More Information

Leave a message if calling and it will be forwarded to email. 
Administrative Coordinator & Academic Advisor, Kate Beilmann
kate.beilmann@unco.edu or 970-351-1075

Female student signing in class.