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ASL Courses &

ASL Minor

American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most studied foreign/modern language in the United States. The Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies at UNC offers various courses to fit your interests and career goals, both on-campus and online. The courses will develop your conversational fluency in ASL and increase your knowledge of Deaf Culture.

ASL Courses

ASL courses (I, II, III, and IV) are open to anyone interested in learning American Sign Language.

  • As a UNC student, you can take ASL courses to meet Liberal Arts Core requirements for graduation.
  • As a non-UNC student, you can take ASL courses for personal interest, for professional development, or to complete requirements at another college or university.

ASL I-VI are offered on campus and  online.

ASL Minor

The ASL Minor (ASL I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and two upper division courses selected from Intercultural Communication, Deaf Culture & Community, or Foundations in Deaf Education) is open to UNC students with a declared major with a designed plan os study. 

The minor offers a 24 credit specialization in ASL and Deaf Culture designed to accompany any UNC majors; whatever your professional goal - interpreting, nursing, counseling, coaching, human services, business retail, or something else. 

Courses within the ASL Minor are offered on campus and online.

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Please note, the curriculum for both on campus and online courses are the same; the delivery method is different.

Interested in interpreting?

The ASL courses and ASL Minor are designed to develop your fluency in ASL and your knowledge of Deaf Culture. This coursework does not prepare you to mediate communication as an interpreter between individuals who use American Sign Language and spoken English.

If your goal is to become an interpreter, UNC offers ASL-English Interpretation as a four year degree beginning at ASL V. ASL courses and the ASL Minor will prepare you with ASL language skills to screen for the ASL-English Interpretation program. ASL I-IV are courses that will satisfy Liberal Arts Core requirements. ASL V, ASL VI, and Intercultural Communication from the ASL Minor can apply to the interpreting major.