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About Us

The Department of American Sign Language & Interpreting Studies (ASLIS) designs and delivers quality programs that center around learning, using and teaching American Sign Language. Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered, as are liberal arts core courses. Programming is offered on the UNC main campus to traditional undergraduate students and online to a national audience. 

ASL I-IV is offered on the UNC main campus and online as well. An ASL minor of 18-24 credit hours is also available for students interested in a stronger language foundation, or for those involved in a complimentary major where conversational ASL fluency is beneficial. Grade success in ASL I-IV courses does not ensure readiness to enter the ASLEI-BA program and will be assessed through the Demonstration of Competencies (DOC) screening. 

The BA in ASL-English Interpretation begins at ASL V and it is offered on the UNC main campus or in a hybrid online delivery system that requires an annual summer session on campus. The BA is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education, and the online offering is one of the first distance-delivered BA in ASL English interpreting in the nation to have achieved that distinction.  

The ASLIS faculty (hearing and deaf) are selected for their recognized expertise.  They each contribute to their respective field by researching, publishing, and presenting in various local, national and international venues.  They are acknowledged as outstanding teachers by their students and their peers.