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COVID-19: News and campus updates | University policies and resources

When visiting the Center for Career Readiness, wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to
keep the UNC community healthy.

K-12 Educator Employment Days

Due to ongoing concerns and preventative measures regarding COVID-19, all in-person university events and meetings through July 31 have been canceled. Updates will be published to our COVID-19 information page as the situation develops.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is K-12 Educator Employment Days held?
    • Location:  UNC Campus, Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler-Hancock Athletic Center
    • Address:  17th Ave & 21st Street, Greeley, CO 80630

    View UNC Map

  • Will administrative vacancies be available?

    In addition to teaching positions there could be; principal, superintendent, speech pathologist and school counselor positions available at this event.

  • What is the K-12 Educator Employment Days Prep Workshop?

    K-12 Educator Employment Days Prep is open to UNC students and UNC alumni as a preparation workshop to help you be successful at K-12 Educator Employment Days. 

    The workshop will be help on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 9:00 - 11:30AM in the University Center Columbine Suites. 

    Register through Handshake, follow these instructions:

    • Login into Handshake
    • Click on "Events" at the top of your screen
    • Search for "KED Prep"
    • Click "Join Event"
    • You will receive a confirmation email with workshop details  
  • Registration Information


    UNC Student Fees: 

    • Pre-registration for UNC students before March 31 is FREE!
    • At the door registration fee for UNC Student is $25
    • All registration fees are non-refundable
    • At the door payment must be made by credit card, check, or exact cash amount

    UNC Alumni/Non-UNC Candidate Fees:

    • Registration before March 31 is $35 (+$2.00 service fee)
    • At the door registration fee is $50
    • All registration fees are non-refundable
    • At the door payment must be made by credit card, check, or exact cash amount


    UNC Student Registration Process:

    • Click on the Handshake icon on the right side of this page
    • Login to Handshake using your ursa username/password
    • Click on “Events” at the top of the screen
    • Click on “Find Career Fairs”
    • Click on "University of Northern Colorado – UNC Spring 2020 K-12 Educator Employment Days”
    • Then click on “Join Event” to register 
    • Once registered, email your resume to: Teacherfair@unco.edu. Please name your electronic resume file with your first and last name.

    UNC Alumni/Non-UNC Candidates Registration Process:

    • Go to UNC's Ticket Office: https://tickets.unco.edu/.
    • On the top menu, under "Student Activities" you'll find "K-12 Educator Employment Days."
    • Complete the steps to buy your tickets.
    • Once you have purchased your tickets, email your resume to: Teacherfair@unco.edu. Please name your electronic resume file with your first and last name. 

    Why should I email my resume?  

    You can gain a competitive edge by emailing your resume to be shared with attending school districts prior to K-12 Educator Employment Days!

    • To ensure that recruiters can easily find your documents,  Please name your electronic resume file with your first and last name.
    • Use a PDF or Word format for your resume  
    • Email you resume to:  Teacherfair@unco.edu
    • Submit your resume before Monday, March 31, 5:00pm
  • How does the event work?

    How does the event work?

    • Checkout the growing list of registered school districts
    • Create a "game plan" prior to the event to plan out which districts you want to speak with first.  View the layout map of the school districts during the event.
    • Please print your registration tickets and bring them with you if you have pre-registered.  If not, please bring a picture ID and be prepared to make a payment for registration.
    • On April 2nd and 3rd, free parking is available in designated parking lots L, M, Y.  
    • Admittance to the event is first-come-first-serve. 
    • We recommend you attend Thursday!  Not all schools will return on Friday.
    • On Thursday, we recommend candidates arrive between 6:30AM - 8:00AM in order to lineup for entrance to the event.  Check-in will be held in the Recreation Center Gym, which is located next to the Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler-Hancock Athletic Center. If you can only attend one day, we recommend you attend on Thursday because not all districts will return on Friday.
    • On Friday plan to arrive between 7:30AM-8:00AM.
    • The doors to K-12 Educator Employment Days will open at 8 AM. Once the doors are open, candidates will approach school districts of their choice to either schedule interviews and/or participate in "meet-and-greets." Meet-and-greet interactions may lead to interviews.
    • Candidates should expect to interview for jobs onsite; as such, candidates should be prepared to interview with potential noise and foot-traffic distractions. Please also note candidates are responsible for keeping their own schedule of interviews, each of which should last 30 minutes. We strongly encourage candidates to never "no-show" for an interview.
    • Each school district will display a list of positions for which they are interviewing. If you do not see your preferred position displayed, we recommend you move on to your next choice of school district. Once you have scheduled your interviews, you may go back and follow up with the districts you are interested in which may not have listed your preferred position. If the school district is not doing interviews, do not be discouraged: Most districts are willing to talk to all candidates.
  • How should I dress? What should I bring?
    • We highly recommend all candidates attend on Thursday.  Not all schools will return on Friday.
    • We highly recommend candidates dress professionally. You can view our Pinterest page to see our recommendations for dress.
    • Bring numerous copies of your resume (a copy machine will not be available), a copy of your transcripts, and copies of 3 letters of recommendation.
    • Secondary teacher candidates should bring a copy of their unofficial transcripts to show districts any additional areas of education you may be eligible to teach if needed. UNC students can find unofficial transcripts on Ursa under the "Student" tab.
  •  Volunteering

    K-12 Educator Employment Days (KED) Volunteers help support the event by assisting school districts in finding their tables, replenishing supplies, locating food and restrooms, and answering general questions throughout the day. Volunteering at KED is a great opportunity to connect with potential future employers!

    Volunteer Sign-up  here or follow these instructions: 

    • Click on the Handshake icon on the right side of this page
    • Login to Handshake using your ursa username/password
    • Click on “Events” at the top of the screen
    • Click on "Search Events"
    • Click on “K-12 Educator Employment Days Volunteer Info Session"
    • Click on “Join Event” to register

Tips for Impressing School District Representatives

  • Come by UNC's Center for Career Readiness (2nd floor of the UC) for a free AAEE Job Search Handbook. The Handbook is filled with job searching tips.
  • Research the school district ahead of time—including its location and populations served—and be able to articulate why you are interested in that school district.
  • Map of School Districts at Spring K-12 Educator Employment Days 2020 COMING SOON!
  • Prior to meeting with school district representatives at the K-12 Educator Employment Days, submit your online application for the jobs and school districts of your choice; some districts will be unable to interview you at K-12 Educator Employment Days unless you have already applied for their positions online prior to the event.
  • Show up for your interview. It is considered unprofessional to not show up for a scheduled interview, which may make it challenging for you to gain employment.
  • Follow through on all instructions from the school district following your interview.
  • Follow-up with a Thank You note. Download a sample thank you note.


Inclement Weather Policy

Should inclement weather occur, please call 970-351-4100. If the University is operating on a regular academic/work schedule, or if employees are granted a grace period to arrive, the event will be held as scheduled. Therefore, NO request for the release of obligation or refund will be granted.

In the rare circumstance that the University is closed (i.e. classes are canceled), the event will be canceled and every attempt will be made to reschedule.