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Program Description

Group Development Activities

Group development activities are often referred to as a Low Ropes Course. Group development activities are not just limited to the low ropes course. We have the ability to combine Ice-Breakers/ Warm-Ups, Initiatives, and the Low Ropes Course to provide a program that helps your group learn and grow together. The following are descriptions of the different types of activities we use.


These are fun activities that are used to help participants get to know each other or as a fun warm up. There are many types of Ice-Breakers/Warm-Ups. Some examples are name games, tag games, and relays. The main outcomes of these activities are fun and strengthening group familiarity.


These are fun problem/task based activities that require groups to work together to complete. The task/problem typically has a fun and creative theme. We have many different types of initiatives. Initiatives can range on a scale of physically-demanding to mentally-challenging. We use the process of completing the task to teach lessons.

The Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes Course consists of ground-based elements, which are built versions of initiatives at the UNC Ropes Course.

Time & Group Requirements
Time Range: 1-4 hours
Number of Participants: 8 -100 (Ideal group sizes is around 25 participants)

The High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course consists of elements (obstacles) that are approximately up to 40 feet off the ground. Each element is designed to challenge the individual while the group maintains a supportive environment. Most of our elements can be modified to aid participants with differing goals. Some potential outcomes of a High Ropes Course are:

Stress Management
Becoming familiar with one another

Ropes Course Elements

Swings – Traverse across a series of swings
Pirates Crossing – Cross a foot cable with the use of two ropes that make an “x” from one end to the other
Catwalk – Walk across a balance beam 40 feet in the air
Multi-Vine – Traverse a foot cable with the use of variably hung rope “vines”
Zip-Line - Descend from our High Ropes Course while taking in the view of Jackson Complex
Giants Ladder – Two participants team up to climb a swinging ladder whose rungs get further apart as you go
Pamper Pole – Climb up a pole and balance yourself on top. Then jump out to either touch or grab a PVC pipe that hangs in front of you
Flying Squirrel – The group (attached to an end of a rope) pulls a participant (attached to the other end) up giving the participant the feeling of flying.
Donkey Kong - Climb through three sections starting with a cargo net and then choose between 11 different options to make it to the top
Climbing Tower- Climb to the top using traditional climbing holds
Pipe Dreams- Traverse a foot cable with the use of pipe attached to the overhead and foot cable
Time & Group Requirements
Time Range: 1-4 hours
Number of Participants: 8-65 participants (Ideal group sizes is around 25 participants)

Combination High & Low Course

A combination course involves both the High Ropes Course and Group Development Activities. Combination courses are a great way to get the most out of your challenge course experience. We have several different options regarding combination courses:

Time & Group Requirements
Time Range: 3-7 hours
Number of participants: 8-65 participants (Ideal group sizes is around 25 participants)
*Please note this on your request form if you have preferences.