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Ropes Course Philosophy

The UNC Ropes Course provides adventure-based educational opportunities intended to facilitate personal and group growth through a learning experience that incorporates both theory and practice. We are a catalyst for challenging people to go beyond their perceived boundaries, to work with others to solve problems, and to experience success.

The atmosphere at the UNC Ropes Course is fun, supportive, and challenging. Our intent is to foster cooperation rather than competition, where success is achieved through the simple act of trying. Non-competitive games, group problem-solving initiatives, and challenge course events (low and high elements) are used to help individuals and groups achieve their objectives. Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to think creatively, and are guided to discover innovative ways to work together.

UNC facilitators present group and individual challenges/ activities based on what lessons or outcomes a group is looking for. Some possible outcomes from group development activities are:

  1. Become familiar with one another
  2. Improved communication and cooperation skills
  3. Higher levels of trust
  4. Greater leadership skills
  5. Better group cohesion
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Empathy
  8. Problem-solving ability
  9. Time management
  10. Increased self-awareness and self-confidence
  11. FUN