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  • What are Intramural Sports?

    Intramural Sports are a level of competition offered by most colleges and universities. It is where students, faculty, and staff can form teams in various sports and internally compete against one another. Some intramural sports offer an opportunity to play other schools, which are referred to as extramural sports.

  • How do I form a team?

    Ask other students in your residence hall, classes and clubs if they would like to participate. You may also sign up as an individual or with a smaller group on the draft list. Teams will be formed at a draft list meeting from the interested students in attendance and from the contacts on the draft list.

  • Who is eligible to play intramural sports?

    Any enrolled UNC student who is paying student fees. Also faculty, staff and alumni Recreation Center members may participate. A current Student ID or Recreation Center ID card must be presented prior to participation each time you participate.

  • When is registration?

    Intramural Sports registration is on-going throughout the fall and spring semesters. Check the calendar and website for the deadline of the sport/event that you are interested in playing.

  • How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?

    Intramural registration is held in the Campus Recreation Center. Registration tables will be set up across from the front entry desk during the registration period. Simply complete a registration form and select a time that your team would like to play from what we have available. Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, credit card or student bill. Spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Spots are limited.

  • Is there a fee to sign-up an Intramural Sports team?

    Yes, each activity has a nominal fee. The fee usually comes to less than $10 per participant for the entire season or tournament.

  • What is the role of a Team Captain?

    Team Captains are the leaders of each team. They are responsible for attending the captains meeting information session for each sport and relaying that information to team members. Captains will also receive weather information, updates, and playoff information after the season begins. Attending pre-game captains meetings, signing the score sheets after each contest, ensuring team eligibility, and monitoring team sportsmanship are also the responsibilities of the team captain.

  • Can I play on more than one team per sport?

    Yes, if you follow these simple rules.

    Participants can only play on one men's or women's team per sport, per division.  For example: a participant can only play on one men’s A or men’s B team even though they are two separate divisions.

    If a participant is playing on a CoRec team they can still play for one men’s or women’s team.

    Greek participants can play for their fraternity/sorority as well as on a CoRec team and a men's or women's team.

  • Do I need equipment?

    For the most part all equipment needed to participate in each sport is offered by the intramural program. Personal items such as knee pads, shin guards, and softball gloves are an example of equipment that participants must provide on their own.

  • What are Extramural Tournaments?

    Extramural Sports are an extension of Intramural Sports and teams will play other teams from other universities. The Regional Flag Football and Basketball tournaments are an example of an extramural sport.

  • Do you have a Intramural Gender Identity Policy?

    Yes, Individuals shall be permitted to participate in Campus Recreation programs, facilities, activities, and events in accordance with that person’s gender identity. Showing up for an event, program, facility, or activity is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and participate. No questions will be asked, no proof is required, come join us and play!