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Club Information

Taekwondo has become a popular sport in Colorado at the collegiate level, especially east of the mountains. The Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo group puts on tournaments bi-annually throughout the school year hosted at various schools in the area. These include Metro State, UNCO, CSU, and others. During the 2016-2017 season Taekwondo was very successful and had several members place at their tournaments. This includes the MCTC Tournament at Kansas State University earning 8 medals and at the Lone Wolf Tournament earning 22 medals. The team also hosted a self-defense class during the fall and spring semesters that were very successful.
Please contact the officers below for further questions or interests.

Taekwondo 2018-2019 Home & Away Schedule



Team Email

President: Jeremy Hinman
Vice President: Braeden Hudiburgh
Treasurer: Barbara Lundebjerg
Secretary: Aja Rountree

Coach: Stacy Towar
Sparring Coach: Jeremy Hinman
Asst. Coach: Brandon Lau