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Facility Rental

Spaces within the Campus Recreation Center may be available for your special events. The Center has been the facility of choice for groups hosting functions ranging from sports tournaments to proms to banquets and fundraising receptions. Rental and service fees vary depending on the type of group renting (on-campus versus off-campus), the nature of the event, the equipment and staff required, and the extent of the setup required for the event. Facility requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that priority in scheduling our facilities is given to Campus Recreation programs and drop-in recreation opportunities for our members. If you are interested in holding an event at the Center please contact our administrative offices at 970-351-2020 for details.

  • It is recommended that requests for space be made at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Groups that are external to the UNC community, should first contact  the Office of Conference Services at 970-351-2010.

For Rental Requests Please Contact:
John Stephens 

Facility Rental Descriptions

First Floor

Entry Desk & Lobby - 1,600 square feet
This area, located on the north end of the building, is the primary point of access to the Campus Recreation Center. The north lobby is circular in design and contains seating areas, entrances to the meeting and locker rooms, and elevator access to the second floor. The entry desk serves as the initial reception and information center for the facility. Recreation Center personnel are present at the desk to grant access to the center, to provide general program information and to check out equipment to members.

Lower Fitness Room - 2,488 square feet
The Lower Fitness Room serves as a location for many of the group fitness classes offered by Campus Recreation. It is also a wonderful location for meetings and small banquets.

Racquetball Courts - 2,394 square feet
The two racquetball courts have glass back walls with observation areas on the first and second floors. The courts are currently used for informal recreation and racquetball tournaments, and they may be set up as Wallyball courts. Racquetball reservations are taken at the entry desk.

SynRgy Room - 798 square feet
The SynRgy room is an open space equipped with a cable cross machine, TRX, pull-up bars, kettle bells, weighted ball, battle ropes punching bag and speed bag. The SynRgy room is a great place to work on strength as well as conditioning by offering plenty of space for circuit training. 

Climbing Room - 666 square feet
The climbing room is a three-sided rock wall with the front wall. The climbing walls are 31 feet high and have more than 800 different hand holds. The room has eight belay stations and routes designed for beginner to advanced ability levels. Safety orientations are required for drop-in use, and basic instruction is available. This area is staffed with trained supervisors to provide safety instruction, technical hints and belaying.

Strength & Conditioning Areas - 6,465 square feet
(Additional spaces on the second floor)
A large, open workout space is provided on the first floor, and equipment in this area includes a complete line of weight machines and free weights. Conditioning equipment available on the first and second floors includes upright, recumbent and spinning cycles, elliptical machines, steppers, rowing machines and treadmills. Patrons may observe racquetball and climbing wall activities as they work out, and large, west-facing windows bring the feel of the outdoors to these activity areas.

3-Court Gymnasium - 20,185 square feet
The 3-court gym consists of multipurpose courts with hardwood floors and a balcony running track. The courts are designed to accommodate three basketball courts, four volleyball courts or a host of other activities. The gym may be divided by three, floor-to- ceiling curtains, and each court has an electronic scoreboard. Portable bleachers, team benches and scorer tables are available.

2-Court Gymnasium - 13,144 square feet
This gym is a multipurpose area which may be set up for two basketball courts or three volleyball courts. The gymnasium features hardwood floors, basketball goals that can be raised, and a wall to wall gym divider. Portable bleachers, team benches and scorer tables are available.

Auxiliary Gymnasium - 8,394 Square Feet
The Auxiliary Gym is a new addition to the southwest corner of the Rec Center. It was added in January 2008 and features one collegiate size basketball court. It has the capability of having 2 volleyball courts and has two official size fencing courts. Portable bleachers, team benches and scorer tables are available.

Locker Rooms - 3,798 square feet
The men's, women's & gender inclusive locker rooms have a mirrored vanity area with hair dryers, private shower stalls and changing areas. All locker rooms have accommodations for people with disabilities. For locker rental information, visit the Locker Services page.

Public Restrooms and Vending - 550 square feet
The restrooms and vending area are located between the entry desk and the meeting rooms for convenient access. 

Second Floor

Group Fitness Room - 3,471 square feet
The group fitness room features include a floating hardwood flooring system, a state of the art sound system, and mirrored walls. For fitness activities, this space can accommodate up to 60 people. Class equipment includes steps, jump ropes, weights, fit balls and cubbies for patrons' belongings.

Running Track - 6,401 square feet
1/10 Mile Circumference
The tree lane track overlooks the large gym. The track is covered with a synthetic, Mondo, surface. The track features a stretching area on one end and a cardiovascular area on the other end. The track also has banked turns and a pace clock.

Bridge Area - 1,520 square feet
The bridge overlooks the cardiovascular area, racquetball courts and the climbing wall. It features a stretching area and a variety of cardiovascular conditioning equipment.

Lounge Area - 480 square feet
The area features a cable TV, a VCR, couches, tables and chairs. This lounge is utilized as a study space, an informal meeting space and a space in which to relax after working out.

Administrative Office Area - 1,660 square feet
The office area contains a reception area, offices for full time staff, a staff restroom, and a conference room. The conference room accommodates up to 12 people, and includes a Smart Board and a small kitchenette. The Conference Room may be reserved by academic departments and student groups during normal business hours.