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FAQ: Fitness and Wellness

  • How much do group fitness classes cost and how do I sign up?

    There is a minimal fee associated with group fitness classes, students and campus recreation center members can purchase a FITpass, which allows unlimited access to any group fitness classes, or a single class pass. You can register at the front desk of the campus recreation center. For more information on group fitness, including pricing click here.

  • How strenuous are the group fitness classes?

    Group fitness classes are open to all fitness levels unless otherwise noted in the class description. Our instructors are trained to offer modifications, so participants can increase or decrease the intensity of class depending on their goals.

  • Is there anyone who can show me how to use the fitness equipment?

    Strength and Conditioning Area orientations are free to individuals or groups who are either new to the Recreation Center or new to exercise. This 20 minute orientation will educate you how to use a variety of strength and cardiovascular equipment and can even include a full tour of the Campus Recreation Center depending on your needs. Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable utilizing the Recreation Center. Please take advantage of this orientation and be sure to ask plenty of questions. Orientations are available anytime of the day, just stop by the front desk. If you are looking for more in depth guidance please check out our Personal Training Services.

  • Why aren't children under 16 allowed in the gated strength and conditioning areas and group fitness classes?

    Group fitness classes and strength and conditioning areas tend to be higher areas of risk due to the equipment involved, so an age limit exists.

  • What is Olympic Lifting?

    Olympic Lifting is a ground-based barbell sport in which one attempts to lift heavy weights for full body development.  Olympic Lifting develops body awareness, increases muscular coordination, and increases muscle fiber diameter when utilizing proper training and safety precautions.  It is imperative that Olympic weightlifters have good joint mobility and strong experience with core lifts such as the overhead squat, deadlift, clean (with or without a jerk), and snatch.

  • What is Powerlifting? 
    Powerlifting is comprised of the squat, deadlift, and bench press.  Movements are done typically with high force and low velocity.  This type of training is believed to be the best for developing muscular strength. 
  • When can patrons use the Platform?
    The platform is open during regular UNC Campus Recreation Center Hours of Operation.
  • Which lifts can be performed on the Platform?

    Clean and Jerk
    Muscle Snatch
    Overhead Squat Power Clean
    Power Jerk
    Power Snatch
    Push Press
    Romanian Deadlift/Straight Leg Deadlift
    Snatch Drop Snatch/Snatch Balance

  • Can I use the regular weight plates on the Platform?

    No, only the bumper plates are allowed on the Platform. 

  • How can I learn more about Olympic Lifting?

    Join one of our free (hyperlinked) clinics led by a certified personal trainer.