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Parking and Construction Updates

Stay Up-To-Date

Up-to-date construction, parking and transportation information will be available throughout the project here and through Parking Services, University Center, Facilities Management and UNC News; and in UNC Today (for faculty and staff) and Around Campus (for students).

Map of All UNC Parking Locations

UNC Parking Map

Parking and Transportation Modifications

A Lot

North of the University Center

  • Pay-to-park spaces in this parking lot have been reduced to 24 to increase the number of spaces available for annual permit holders.
  • Portions of A Lot may be temporarily closed for contractor use during construction, but will be announced in advance

B Lot

Immediately South of the University Center

  • This parking lot, on the site of the new Campus Commons building, is permanently closed.

C Lot

East of 11th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd streets

  • C Lot will be available only for daytime parking and shouldn't be used as long-term or overnight parking.
  • The northeast corner of the parking lot is closed to accommodate construction trailers until the project is complete.
  • Other portions of the lot may be temporarily closed during construction, but will be announced in advance.

G Lot

northwest of Bishop-Lehr

  • Parking lot closed for use by contractor.

I Lot

southeast of Ross Hall

  • Additional student parking is available.


To encourage parking away from the construction area, 400 Y Lot-only permits are available at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Students, faculty and staff who paid full price for annual permits can exchange them for a Y Lot-only permit and receive a refund $115 (students) and $130 (faculty and staff).
  • Faculty and staff enrolled in the payroll deduction service since August can exchange their permits for Y Lot-only permits and no longer be charged for parking from Jan. 31 through summer.

Y Lot-only permits are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at Gray Hall, 1813 8th Ave.

  • To exchange your current permit, please take it with you.
  • To receive the full refund, exchange your permit by Jan. 31.

There are marked UNC Police/Parking Services visitor spaces where you can park for 15 minutes to exchange or purchase a permit.

Pedestrian Tunnel

Across 11th Avenue

  • Please use the crosswalk at 11th Avenue and 22nd Street during the times the tunnel is closed for construction.


  • Parking in the area will continue to be monitored to identify needs for future expansion or improvements.