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About the Campus Commons

A gateway to campus, a unique navigation and support hub for students, and a showcase for UNC’s world-class music and musical theatre programs, the Campus Commons exemplifies our commitment to providing students first-rate academic programs with customized learning opportunities and individual support.

In addition to offering UNC students a one-stop student support option, the Campus Commons will be home base for admissions counselors and new student orientation. The Commons will also provide information for campus visitors, serve as the starting point for campus tours, and feature an art gallery, 600-seat performance venue, 400-seat multiuse auditorium, ticketing office and student-run cafe.

The Campus Commons is all about connections. Through the Commons, UNC students will connect with faculty, support services, and opportunities on and beyond campus. Alumni and community members will connect with students and what’s happening at UNC. And prospective students and their families will connect with the wealth of opportunities that awaits them here.

Connecting Students

From the moment new students arrive at the Campus Commons, we will support them in charting their own path to graduation and into the broader world. The Commons will be both portal and true north—a place for students to access a breadth of opportunities and a place where they can return again and again to find their bearings.

The Commons will connect students with opportunities and services that address their individual interests, needs and aspirations. With a single conversation, a student can talk about career planning, learn how to become part of a faculty research project, make an appointment with a tutor, and get an answer to a financial aid question. With our support services clearly connected and easily accessible, UNC will ensure that more students have the direction and resources they need to succeed.

Connecting the Campus and Community

The Campus Commons will be UNC’s front door for hosting many of UNC's alumni and community events. Whether frequent or first time visitors to campus, the Commons will offer visitors a place to connect with all that UNC has to offer. Through the Commons, we will foster connections between UNC students and members of our local and national community. And we will invite arts patrons visiting the 600-seat performance venue and art gallery to learn even more about UNC.

Connecting Prospective Students

As the starting place for campus tours and home to our admissions counselors and new-student orientation program, the Campus Commons will be the place we welcome prospective students and their families. We will share UNC’s story with visitors to the Commons, and the programs and activities housed in the Commons will give visitors the opportunity to explore firsthand our unique approach to supporting students.

Funding the Campus Commons Vision

The Campus Commons represents UNC’s commitment to individual student success. We make a pledge to our students: If you commit to investing in your education, we commit to investing in your individual success. This partnership distinguishes the UNC experience, and the Commons will ensure that we deliver on our commitment to provide students first-rate academic programs with customized learning opportunities and individual support. Achieving this vision requires an intentional investment in a new physical and operational infrastructure housed at the heart of campus. The funding plan for the facility combines state-directed resources, bonds supported by a student capital fee, and generous support from UNC donors.