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President Norton Announces Campus Climate Initiative Launch

Dear UNC Community Members,

Valuing diversity in its broadest sense is integral to the foundation of who we are at UNC. In support of this value, we work to foster a welcoming and inclusive climate that is characterized by mutual respect, honest dialogue and civil interaction. It is, in fact, vital to the success of UNC that we create and maintain an environment of openness, fairness and equal access for every member of our university community. 

We are launching a campus climate initiative that is critically important to our continuing work to be an inclusive community. This is an opportunity to make positive, lasting changes on our campus, and I invite you to be part of this work.

To bring broader perspective to this work and to ensure complete transparency, we have contracted with Rankin & Associates Consulting to help lead this effort. Rankin & Associates uses a research-based approach and has conducted more than 150 campus climate assessment projects over the past 20 years.

With guidance from a campus work group of students, faculty and staff, Rankin & Associates will facilitate a series of focus groups, develop and administer a campus climate survey, and help us develop strategic actions based on what we learn throughout the process. This will be a two-year iterative process that allows us to act upon what we learn as we go.

Kay Norton