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Campus Climate Initiative

The Campus Climate Initiative is a university wide undertaking that grew out of the recommendations of the 2014 Equity and Diversity Committee (EDC) Steering Committee. The goal of the EDC Steering Committee was to continue building a welcoming and inclusive campus based on actionable data. To that end, the EDC Steering Committee identified, recruited, and recommended an external consultant to President Norton to guide the campus-wide assessment of attitudes, behaviors and standards of practice.

In 2015, the consulting firm of Rankin and Associates was hired to work with the Campus Climate Working Group to develop and conduct a climate assessment at UNC. Use of an experienced, external consultant ensures a credible, impartial, research-based approach. Two co-facilitators, Dr. Doug Woody and Dr. Linda Black, led the Campus Climate Working Group, which is comprised of faculty, students, and staff. During the 2015 academic year the Campus Climate Working Group collected information from the campus community and developed the survey.  The campus climate survey was launched in September 2016. The results of the survey will be presented to campus March 21, 2017.


President Announces Campus Climate Initiative

Valuing diversity in its broadest sense is integral to the foundation of who we are at UNC. In support of this value, we work to foster a welcoming and inclusive climate that is characterized by mutual respect, honest dialogue and civil interaction. It is, in fact, vital to the success of UNC that we create and maintain an environment of openness, fairness and equal access for every member of our university community. 

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Final Report, Presentation of Campus Climate Study Available

The executive summaryfinal report  and presentation  of UNC’s two-year Campus Climate study are available. The documents include PowerPoint slides from town-hall meetings March 21.