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Current Fiscal Year Budget

There are two budget entries you may submit to adjust your current budget:

  • BD02 is a permanent budget entry which will make an adjustment to both the current fiscal year budget and the next fiscal year budget.
  • BD04 is a one-time budget entry which will adjust the current fiscal year budget only and will not adjust the next fiscal year budget.


Daily Budget Entries

Permanent (BD02) and one-time (BD04) budget entries are submitted through SharePoint using the FUPLOAD form below. Please make sure to choose the correct rule class code (BD02 or BD04).

Daily Budget Entry FUPLOAD

SharePoint Processing Instructions

  • Download FUPLOAD
  • Complete FUPLOAD form. Make sure to select rule class code BD02 (permanent) or BD04 (one-time)
  • Save your FUPLOAD form
      • Name it with Org Level 4 Department ID, description and date (800ATH_ShiftSupplies_022317)
      • Save any associated backup with the same naming convention but add "backup" to the end (800ATH_ShiftSupplies_022317_backup)
  • Upload to SharePoint
      • Select the FYXX Daily Budget Entries library on the left.
      • Choose "new document" and upload both the FUPLOAD and backup documentation. Do not pdf the FUPLOAD form.



Vacancy Savings

Vacancy Savings are savings that occur when an authorized position is vacant for any amount of time.

This may be as short as a couple of weeks or up to a year’s worth of salary savings based on how long the position is vacant. During the Budget Process (January thru June) the Budget Office analyzes the amount of budgeted authorized positions compared to how much the University has actually spent and comes up with an anticipated Vacancy Savings amount for the upcoming fiscal year. That amount is booked centrally in a central fund and org, which means the individual areas do not see the credit in their FOAP’s. The individual areas only see the available balance. This available balance is not available for the individual areas to use since it is being offset in a central fund and org. It is important to note that it is only the authorized position account codes (position control) that are impacted by this. Student Wages and Other Wages and Compensation account codes are not subject to the Vacancy Savings calculations. Those available balances are available for the individual areas to use.

Temporary Personnel:

There will be times that an individual area may have to hire temporary personnel to cover a vacant authorized position. The area can make a request to utilize vacancy savings to cover the expense of hiring the temporary personnel.

  • Classified and Exempt

The process for Classified and Exempt positions is to email Susan Simmers and Janene Roys in the Budget Office. and explain the situation. Make sure to list the vacant position involved, the anticipated amount needed and any other important information or communications that have occurred related to the situation. It is better to have too much information than not enough. Susan will review the information and approve the request. Upon approval, Janene Roys will create and process any necessary budget entries.

  • Faculty

Temporary hires for vacant faculty positions will be handled with the adjunct budget. During the January  time frame each year, the areas with adjunct budget are given the opportunity to update their current fiscal year adjunct budget. At that time, the adjunct budget can be adjusted to include any temporary hires that may have occurred that were not included in the initial adjunct budget request.


An individual area is not allowed to reallocate or spend any available balance in the authorized position account lines (i.e. position control). In the event that the individual area needs one time funds to cover the hire of temporary personnel for a vacant position, they need to notify the Budget Office. Classified and Exempt positions require an email with detailed information to be sent to Susan Simmers and Janene Roys. Faculty position are handled through the Adjunct Budget process.

Please contact Janene Roys at 1-1053 with any questions.  


Position Control

The budget office receives forms from payroll to update any authorized position budgets. If you see a discrepancy, please contact Janene Roys at 1-1053.


Match Grant

For information regarding Match Grants, please contact either Lacey Snyder at 1-1604 or the Office of Sponsored Programs at 1-1907.