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Self Sufficiency Program

The Bear Pantry was started to help support student who experience food insecurity. The cause of food insecurity can vary from person to person, and situation to situation. The Bear Pantry wants to also provide opportunity to become self sufficient. The Self Sufficiency Program (SSP) at the Bear Pantry, strives to connect students with resources that will give them the possibility of no longer facing food insecurity on a consistent basis. By working locally with the SNAP program, connecting students with Careers Services here on campus, and also getting to know students on a personal level to help address some of the more individual reasons that impact a student. We want students to be successful when students leave campus, and that includes being able to have access to food. 

Financial Literacy Forum 

Budgeting in college is tough on a low income. The financial literacy program is an online platform in hopes to help our Bear Pantry students  learn the benefits of budgeting. 

Create your budget 

Jobs On and Off Campus 

Career Services has a number of resources to aid in finding students jobs  and internships on and off campus. Bears Career Connection is a great tool to find job and internship opportunities.