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New Cadet Orientation

Fall 2020 New Student Orientation and In-processing will occur on July 16, July 31, and August 21 in CSU's Military Science, Room 200.

New student in-processing and orientation provides an introduction to the AFROTC program and an important foundation to prepare you for success as a cadet.  For fall 2020, Det 90 will host three in-processing events (limited to 30 seats each), sign up early!  If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ or contact us.

Complete Prior to In-processing:

  • Submit your application on AFROTC.com by clicking “Apply Now” and establish your Wings account.
  • Print and complete the AFROTC Form 28 Sports Physical with your doctor.
  • Sign up for class (AS101) and leadership lab (AS103)
  • Sign up for one of our in-processing events 

Bring With You to In-processing:

  • Birth Certificate (original)
  • Social Security Card (original, signed)
  • Selective Service Number (males 18+)
  • JROTC / CAP / Eagle Scout / Girl Scout Certification (if applicable)
  • Completed AFROTC Form 28 Sports Physical
  • Academic Schedule (print out from Ursa)
  • Uniform Information (shirt size)
  • Wings Username/Password.  
    Pro-tip: Ensure your Wings password is updated and you can login the day before in-processing.  
  • Report any past offenses, violations of law or ordinance, or any other adverse involvements with civil, military, or school authorities (if applicable)
  • Laptop and/or cellphone
  • A parent or guardian if under 18

New Student and Cadet In-Processing Form (Fall 2020)

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