First-Year Student Application Checklist

It's your time to shine.

Getting started is easy

Just follow these few simple steps and know we're with you each step of the way.

  • Start your app

    Apply to UNC through either our Bear App or the Common App. Budget about 15 minutes to complete either one.

    We have a $50 application fee. It's non-refundable and payable by credit or debit card. Waivers are available.

  • Send in your transcripts

    Your official high school transcript should be sent directly to UNC from your high school.

    See how to send in your materials below.

  • Submit official ACT/SAT test scores

    We accept scores right from your high school transcript.

    You can also request them at with ACT code 0502 or with SAT code 4074.

If you're applying for a program in the School of Music or School of Theatre Arts and Dance, additional application materials may be required. See additional application requirements for the School of Music or School of Theatre Arts and Dance.

How to send in your materials

Documents and credentials can be submitted through one of the following ways:

  • Naviance

    If supported by your high school, feel free to use Naviance.

  • Email

    Send PDF documents to

  • Postal mail

    Office of Admissions
    1051 22nd St.
    Campus Box 10
    Greeley, CO 80639

  • Fax


Priority deadlines

We encourage you to submit documents as soon as you have them. The sooner you send them, the sooner we can make an admission decision.

  • Fall Semester

    March 1st

    Hard deadline: August 1

  • Spring Semester

    November 1st

    Hard deadline: December 1

  • Summer Semester

    March 1st

    Hard deadline: May 1

Admission criteria

We welcome applications from students with diverse academic backgrounds and interests. For admission decisions, we consider:

  • One

    Your overall academic performance, which is your cumulative high school GPA and your best combination of ACT and/or SAT test scores.

    The middle 50 percent of our admitted first-year students have the following:

    • GPA: 3.07–3.83
    • ACT Scores: 19–25
    • SAT Scores: 1020–1230
  • Two

    The completion of the following college prep units or required high school courses:

    • 4 years of English
    • 4 years of math (Algebra I or higher)
    • 3 years of natural/earth science (two years must include lab work)
    • 3 years of social science (at least one year must be in U.S. or world history)
    • 1 year of a foreign language
    • 2 years of electives
  • Three

    We will consider additional factors that may have influenced your prior academic performance. If you have something on your academic record that needs explanation, you can submit a short essay. If you're unsure, send us an email at

Homeschooled students

Homeschooled students applying to UNC are expected to meet the same academic standards of other first-year students, with the focus being on college preparation coursework. Homeschool students should submit a transcript as part of their application, as well as ACT or SAT scores if the student has taken the test.

If you don't have a transcript, you should create one that includes:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • All course work you have taken in grades 9-12
  • The assessment used for your homeschool program (A, B, Pass, etc)

UNC will use the calculated cumulative GPA that is provided on the transcript. Official final high school transcripts are required with a graduation date after the student has completed all of their coursework. If your homeschool program hasn't used a GPA scale, the proxy GPA set by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education is 3.3.

Admission-based scholarships are awarded to homeschool students based on first-year scholarship standards. Students can also apply for other institutional aid through the Office of Financial Aid.

Bringing credits to UNC

Any Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits earned may be used toward the 120-credit minimum requirement for college graduation. When you take the AP or IB examination(s), request that your scores be sent to the University of Northern Colorado's Office of Admissions. UNC will then evaluate your test scores for credit and notify you of the results.

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