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COVID-19 Admissions Updates

We understand that safety measures and closures surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic may impact your planning as you make your college decision.

UNC’s Office of Admissions is working diligently on ways to support you as you explore options for your college journey during this challenging time. The Colorado Department of Higher Education is also here to help and support students across Colorado.

COVID-19 Safety at UNC

UNC will always prioritize student and campus community health and safety. UNC has been actively monitoring the evolving Coronavirus situation at a university level and is providing regular updates on our COVID-19 website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to Admissions-related questions you might have here, and check our COVID-19 website for regularly updated university-wide information.

General Information

Admitted Students 

  • What is the enrollment confirmation deposit?

    To confirm your place at UNC, students must login to their applicant portal and submit the $200 enrollment confirmation deposit. This deposit is applied to your first semester’s tuition bill and is not an additional fee.

    Due to the financial implications of COVID-19, we are not requiring an enrollment confirmation deposit if you plan to attend in spring 2021, just submit the decision form.

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  • Is May 1 still the Confirmation deadline for Fall 2021?

    Yes, May 1 is the confirmation deadline for any student interested in attending UNC beginning in the Fall 2021 semester.

  • Is there a confirmation deadline for Spring 2021?

    There is no firm deadline to confirm your enrollment for the Spring 2021 semester. However, we recommend doing so as soon as possible in order to complete course registration and your on-campus living contract, if required.

  • What is the on-campus living policy at UNC?

    First-year students, with less than 20 college credit hours earned after high school graduation, who are under 21 and are not living in the local area with their legal guardian are required to live in UNC's housing system through the completion of their first academic year.

    More about Housing

  • Is my enrollment deposit refundable?

    Our enrollment deposit applies directly to your student bill the first semester you enroll at UNC (it is not a fee). However, UNC recognizes that COVID-19 is creating financial uncertainty and will consider requests for refunds on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to your admission counselor with questions. 

  • What are the steps for registering for classes and attending New Student Orientation?

    Due to ongoing concerns and preventative measures regarding COVID-19, course registration and New Student Orientation is virtual for the incoming class of Spring 2021. Plans for the Fall 2021 class are being finalized and updates will be shared soon.

    More About Orientation

  • What happens if my parents or I lose our jobs due to Coronavirus? How does this impact my future financial aid?

    If you or your parent(s) have been impacted financially by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), or by other circumstances, either by loss of income, loss of employment, or other circumstances that significantly impact your or your family’s ability to pay for future educational expenses, the Office of Financial Aid may be able to take them into consideration.

    If you already have a Bear Verification account, log in to your account through Ursa and click on the blue button on the top right that says “Request”, and request a Family Contribution Appeal. If you do not have a Bear Verification account, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid at ofa@unco.edu briefly explaining your circumstances to start your request for an appeal. The appeal will be completed online, and you will need to provide documentation to support your appeal. We are here to help!

    Please note:

    • Loss of income must have occurred for 60 days or more prior to the date of appeal.
    • You will need to be able to document at least a 20% decrease in income for consideration.

    If you submit an appeal, please note that processing times usually are 2-3 weeks, and at times processing times may exceed 3 weeks. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at ofa@unco.edu.

  • Can I still apply for financial aid for Fall 2021?

    To maximize the amount of aid received, you should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1 priority deadline.

  • How can I complete verification now that campus is closed? 

    The verification process at the University of Northern Colorado is completed online through the student’s Ursa account. Students and parents are able to use online based forms to complete verification and e-sign documents. View Instructions on how to create accounts and complete the verification process here. On that same site there are additional instructions on how parent(s) can set up their Bear Verification account.

    If students or parents need to provide other documents, like IRS Tax Return Transcripts, IRS 1040 Forms, W-2s, etc., our systems also allow students to upload pictures (clear and legible), or PDF files. These systems are operational, and files are being reviewed during business hours.

    If you experience issues creating your account or e-signing a document, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid either via email at ofa@unco.edu or call our office at 970 351-4862 Ext. 1 during regular office hours.

  • Can I defer my enrollment to later term?

    Yes, students can complete the Change Information Form to defer their enrollment to a later term. Keep in mind students can only defer for 3 consecutive academic semesters. Additionally, if during that time you complete any college-level coursework at a community college or university, you will need to reapply to UNC as a transfer student. You’ll also be required to submit official transcripts. 

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